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Caucasus University (CU) welcomes all of you who wish to participate in an exchange program at CU.

Spending a semester in Georgia is one of the best opportunities available to you during your time as a student. You have a chance to:
1. Study at one of the leading Universities  in the Caucasus Region;
2. Immerse yourself in a rich  Georgian culture; 
3. Experience a different learning environment  and teaching methods;
4. Have great fun. Make lifelong friendships  with people in Georgia.

International office will assist you with the process of becoming an exchange student at Caucasus University.   You are encouraged to send any questions for assistance and advice.

Mariam Sutidze
Director of International Relations Department
Email: ელფოსტის ეს მისამართი დაცულია უსრგებლო წერილებისგან, მის სანახავად Javascript უნდა ჩაირთოს
Mobile:  (+995 91) 514 889

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Online Application System for Exchange Students of Caucasus University (CU).

If you are from one of our partner University, you must first be nominated by your home institution's exchange coordinator/study abroad office. Once you have been nominated follow the instructions below to apply to CU.

Step 1. 

Fill in the online application form, attach all the required documents listed below and submit it.

1. Online Application
2. The Learning Agreement (Register Form) where you list the courses you'd like to take. You can download the LA form  here
3. A transcript of records which shows your leaning achievements from your home university
4. Non-native English speakers are requested to prove their proficiency in English by presenting a copy of TOEFL/IELT score report. The score of TOEFL test should not be less than 80 iBT. Requested IELTS score is 5,5 and above.
5. Photocopy of the identification pages of your passport
6. One passport size photo

If your Home University does not hold an exchange agreement with CU (see list of exchange agreements), and you would like to study at our University one or two semesters as degree seeking students or visiting student please contact us at ელფოსტის ეს მისამართი დაცულია უსრგებლო წერილებისგან, მის სანახავად Javascript უნდა ჩაირთოს  to find out the extra steps to submit an application or review the following link for further instructions and procedures.

Step 2. 

Please note

You must send the following documents by regular post to Caucasus University:
• Transcript (grade list) from home university;
• Filled and signed Application form for Caucasus University (print, fill, sign and send it by post with other documents). You can download the Application Form
• Photocopy of the passport (official copy certified by original apostle of appropriate state authorities or notarized copy, all pages)
• 4 photos (size 3×4 cm.)

All these documents MUST be translated in Georgian Language and Notarized

Representative from the International Relations Department of Caucasus University, on the basis of signed and notarized (and/or apostle) "proxy"/"letter of attorney" sent by the applying student, can provide you with:
- Submit an application to the legal entity of public law – National Centre for Education Quality Enhancement of Georgia to get recognition of your studies in foreign countries rather than Georgia. This step is mandatory to pursue your studies at Caucasus University and get enrollment.
- Translation into Georgian language and notarizing
All applicants must pay the required fee for the service.

Application Deadline:
Fall Semester (September – January): May 20
Spring Semester (February – Mid-July) : October 20

Academic Year
Caucasus University`s academic year consists of two semesters: Fall (SEP-JAN) and Spring (FEB-Mid.JUL) semesters.

Credit Transfer
Credits earned while studying at Caucasus University are transferred to the students` home Universities. The students from non-partner Universities should confirm whether or not their home universities will accept credits earned at CU before their arrival.  When the term ends the transcripts for students are mailed to their home Universities.

Students/International officer will receive the course schedule for registration before the semester starts. They are to select the desired courses and send the form  to International Department at CU within a given period.

Teaching Language
The courses at CU are held in Georgian and in English.

Course Load
Students can take a maximum of 30 ECTS credits during the regular semester. There is no requirement for the minimum number of credits.

Grading System
Final Grades for Undergraduate courses are reported as follows:



Excellent A 91-100
very good B 81 – 90
Good C 71 - 80
Satisfactory D 61 - 70
Average E 51- 60
Unsatisfactory FX 41- 50
Totally Unsatisfactory F 0 - 40

Academic Calendar





You can choose any of the offered courses, in any department and of any level.
Thank you for your interest in enrolling at Caucasus University

Visiting or/and Degree seeking students

The visiting student Programme is offered to students from non-partnering universities who nevertheless wish to study at CU for one or two semesters. Theses students must pay their tuition fees to Caucasus University and may request a credit transfer at their home institution.

Although you won't be a candidate for CU degree you can live, study and take advantage of many extracurricular activities here.

You are a degree seeking student if you are officially admitted into Caucasus University degree program to earn CU degree.

Admission Stages
1. Evaluation by Caucasus University
CU evaluates qualifications obtained abroad and decides. In the event of positive decision the applicant receives written consent to the possibility of his/her enrolment to a vacant place amongst the total number of allocated for CU.

2. Recognition
The ministry of Education and Science of Georgia reviews any application submitted no later than one month following its submission and decides in the form of an individual administrative – legal act, on the admission of high-school graduates/graduate candidates/ students to an institution without passing the general examination;

The individual administrative legal act of the Minister shall be immediately sent to Caucasus University

3. Admission
The head o f the university shall, within 10 days of receiving the official act of the Minister, issue an individual administrative legal act on the admission of an individual to the institution

4. Note
With the purpose of facilitation of mobility of high-school graduates/graduate student candidates and students, the study at the higher educational institutions of Georgia without passing unified national examinations/general graduate examinations, in accordance with the rules and the terms defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, is allowed to several categories of applicants. Please find the details here.

Apply Now


Regular exchange students from bilateral partner Universities  DO NOT PAY any tuition fees to Caucasus University during the program (one semester or maximum one year).

All visiting students from NON PARTNER universities and/or degree seekers PAY full costs and tuition fees to Caucasus University!

For more details have a look at the brochure.
Karoline Dickbauer, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria

"I still think it was the right decision to come here. I really like the country and the one thing that amazes me the most is the friendly- and helpfulness of the people.
That is also what I have experienced at the University. I really appreciate all the support I get from departments, the teachers and my classmates. The courses are challenging and very interesting. I am looking forward to my language lessons this week. I am also curious how the frequent quizzes and the whole studying experience will work out."

Brent Allen Weeks, USA

"Great Opportunities at CU!
Caucasus University has a first class education program, the campus is conveniently located in downtown, and nears many attractions Tbilisi has to offer. Staff members are extremely helpful and provide lots of advice and support. The school offers engaging extracurricular activities, and a library providing great resources and opportunities to meet new people. The teachers provide excellent instruction, often accommodating the needs of international students. One can balance the class work with plenty of time to experience the city. I would highly recommend CU to anyone interested in studying in the Caucasus."

Ray Khater, Beirut, Lebanon

"When I first knew about my acceptance to join Grenoble Graduate School of Business MBA program delivered in Tbilisi in partnership with the Caucasus School of Business, I really became hesitant whether to move or not! From one side, I was sure the GGSB degree will make a radical change for a better career; thus a better life. On the second hand, the idea of continuing my studies in a Georgia was so confusing since I had no idea about the academic level there, not even knowing the basics about the country as a whole!
As a student in CU, I can definitely admit that it was one of my best experiences I had in my life!
Since the moment I arrived in the city, the CU admission body surrounded me with a lot of care in a way that made me feel as if I am still home! In addition to that, the academic level was over my expectations, the CU staffs are wonderful and my classmates are so friendly absolutely like the majority of the Georgian people!
As a result, I gained the GGSB degree along with a great personal experience!"

Veli Kurt, Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Turkey

"Being in Georgia can give you a huge inspiration with her historical background, scenic beauty, the most tasty traditional wine in life, kind and helpful people. As an exchange student in Caucasus University, I had such wonderful experiences. Lecturers, coordinators, anybody from any department of the university are ready to deal with your any problem. Compare to the other universities in Georgia, Caucasus University reflects it's own quality. I am glad to have been in Caucasus University."