Program structure

The master's program in cinematography includes 120 ECTS credits. The educational program is structurally divided into an average of 60 ECTS credits in two stages. Each stage includes two semesters - autumn and spring. For the standard date of teaching the length of each stage consists of one academic year (standard stage). The standard study period for the cinematography master’s degree is 2 years (standard teaching period); the allowed period is 4 years. The term does not include the period during which students have suspended status. Students who will not be able to finish their education in the given time period will have their status suspended and the Academic Process Management and Student Registration Office will hand them their grades. The distribution of subjects is based on logic and contextual consistency, the principle of subject prerequisite is used, which gives the students the opportunity to receive set competencies. The cinematography program includes mandatory training (97 ECTS) and scientific and practical (23 ECTS) components. Study components are divided into: mandatory cinematography (64 ECTS) and two optional specialties (directing and dramaturgy) necessary subjects (each specialty 33 ECTS). After the second semester the students will choice their desired specialty and during the third-fourth semester they will continue studying with the adequate study program.



Subject type

ECTS number of credits

Mandatory cinematography subjects

Necessary subjects


 Subjects necessary for the specialty

Necessary subjects  


Research/practical components

Master’s degree paper   


Total number of credits



120 ECTS



The academic year is made up of the semester system: autumn/fall and spring semesters. Each of them consist of 21 calendar weeks, the academic year is planned for 42 weeks. The calculation of the amount of work performed by the student for the assimilation of the subject is carried out by accumulating credits and transfer of the European ECTS system. A credit is a unit that shows the amount of work a student has done to assimilate a subject, in a unit of time. 1ECTS credit involves study activities (student’s workload) in 25 astronomical hours.