Management: - analyzing the cycle (identifying policy, planning, organizing and monitoring);


Resource Management: - models of resource analysis and mechanisms of rational management. Time management human resources management, task planning, program planning and analyzing the budgeting system PPBS




  • Developing organizational policy – identifying organization policy and priorities via strategic analysis of current trends and identifying mission goals and objectives (strategic analysis model);
  • Strategic Planning – analysis of alternatives and developing effective plans (McNamara Model);
  • Creating organizational documents (practical exercises on organizational documents – concept, developing development strategy and identifying methods of implementation – action plan);
  • Managing changes: - model analysis; analysis of factors determining organizational changes – PESTOR, mechanisms of change management;
  • Organizational and task analysis – developing organizational structure; SWOT analysis, task classification (according to management levels and responsibilities; working out a matrix);
  • Analysis of organizational culture and organizational behavior;
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Decision-making, process and models.
  • Leadership and management – different forms, roles and qualities.
  • Gender and ethics – related processes in an organization;
  • Effective communication – verbal and non-verbal communication, managing competencies and behavior;
  • Motivation – models and practical mechanisms;


Methods of teaching:


Participants will be introduces to some theoretical material; cases and various examples will be analyzed. Participants will develop documents and mechanisms of management of various kinds; simulating and role-play games are planned.


Trainer: Tea Nikolashvili


Expert in Human Resources and Organizational Management. Trainer with a long international experience. Representative of Hutch company VIPD(  in Georgia