Strategic Social Media Marketing


The role of social media marketing in the decision-making process of the user

How do social media platforms work?

How do we connect social media and business goals with each other?

Create and optimize Facebook and Instagram pages

Basic measurements


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Types of advertising

Campaigns - Marketing goals

Ad sets – selection of target segments, auctions, budgets

How much does advertising cost?

A / B testing

A / B testing - Post engagement

A / B testing - conversion ads



How do we measure different engagement rates?

What is PTA?

What format content works best? 


Facebook Pixel

How to set up Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixels: What do we want to count?

Dynamic Ads


Facebook Audiences

How to create a Facebook Audience?

How to create a better Lookalike audience?


Better materials for advertising


How to create relevant photo and video material

What kind of ad works best?


Reporting and analytics

The process of obtaining and processing information

Facebook Insights

Audience Insights

Review of reporting platforms

Campaign Evaluation Parameters (KPIs)