Caucasus School of Business (CSB) and Caucasus University Training Center (CUTC) offers a CP in Finances

CP in Finances (Certified Professional in Finance)


The Program allows participants to deepen their knowledge in managing Finances; it will help them in career development and professional advancement which means acquiring knowledge necessary for the sphere.


Within the program participants can either opt for all the six modules (the Excel Module is elective which is why is not compulsory for getting a certificate of the whole program) or for any of them individually.


After successful completion of all the modules participants will be awarded a joint CSB and CUTC Certificate - CP in Finance (Certified Professional in Finance), but after successful completion of any module a Certificate in that particular module (program).


  • Module #1 Financial Accounting and Analysis
  • Module #2 Financial Management
  • Module #3 Managerial Accounting
  • Module # 4 Taxes
  • Elective Module # 5 (Excel)
  • Module #6 Financial Modeling in Excel