Program Outline


What is Wine - a path from vineyard to glass
Essential concepts and principles of winemaking in a few words: Soils, terroirs, diseases, treatments, importance of hygiene, harvesting, fermentation and vinification, wine chemistry, what defines the quality of wine, aging, and tasting.


Georgia’s wine geography What does history tell;

communist times and associated modifications of the industry; contemporary wine geography; regions and grape varieties; regional technological specifics

Wine Marketing;
The aim of this course is to provide students with the fundamental concepts that marketing managers in the wine sector should be familiar with, and to show how these concepts can be applied in practice.

Students will learn and apply the following concepts: consumer purchase behavior for wine & spirits; the structure, advantages and disadvantages of different routes to market, including on-premise, off-premise, direct sales, and e-commerce; fundamentals of negotiations with channel partners, and building a presence on-line.


Georgian Wine Brands;
Industrial and Natural wine cellars An honest brief review of the most successful Georgian wine brands and natural wine cellars.


During the course, students will have the opportunity to learn and explore all the necessary information that will help them in the future, both in mastering the sommelier profession, as well as in successfully starting and managing a wine business while covering the following topics: Wine business; World Winemaking; Georgian winemaking; The art of sommelier; Wine and wine gastronomy tourism.