Strategic Development

The history of the Caucasus University begins in 1998, when in cooperation with Georgia State University and the assistance of the Eurasia Foundation and the US News Agency (USIA) was established the Caucasus School of Business (CSB)- the first western business education in Georgia. Soon after establishment, in 1999 were launched Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs in Business Administration. Few years later, in 2004, was established a private higher education institution - Caucasus University. Based on Georgian legislation, the university has the legal right to award: bachelors, masters and PhD degrees.


Caucasus University consists of 11 schools: Business (CSB), Law (CSL), Media (CSM), Technology (CST), Governance (CSG), Humanities and Social Sciences (CSH), Tourism (CST), Medicine and HealthCare (CMS), Economics (CSE), Doctroral (CDS) and Education (CES) Schools.


Three major strategic goals (directions) of Caucasus University have been identified for the next seven academic years (2020-21 - 2026-27):


  • Intensification of the scientific research and increase its relevance
  • Continuous improvement of teaching/learning quality
  • Internationalization


Strategic Development Plan of Caucasus University for the years 2020-21_2026-2027 includes activities and ways of achieving the goals set for each school.


Caucasus University Strategic Development and Action Plan 2020-21-2026-27 Academic Years.