School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Studies started in 2009. Currently the school offers six Bachelor’s (European Studies, History, Psychology, Sociology, English Philology and Archeology) and three Master’s programs (European Studies, Sociology of Media Communication and Clinical Psychology). There are 560 students enrolled in all the nine programs. The Caucasus School of Humanities has highly-qualified faculty acclaimed by Georgian and international scientific communities. 


The school gives priority to high quality education. With this aim it seeks to create a dynamic environment, in which students will acquire modern knowledge and prepare themselves for facing current intellectual challenges. The school programs relying on the experience of the leading western Universities and synthesizing international scientific achievements ensure the goals are reached. 


 The school cooperates with foreign Universities and runs students and academic personnel exchange programs. In addition to the state exchange programs, the school has signed memoranda of cooperation with the following Universities: 


  • Collegium Civitas” Warsaw University (Poland)
  • Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Poland) 
  • Tallini University of Technology (Estonia) 
  • Kibi International University (Japan)


The students of the Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Studies can also use a wide international network of CU partner Universities comprising 130 Universities of 70 countries.