Caucasus Education School

Working on establishment of Caucasus Education School started in March 2018. In the interests of the School’s strategic development it was decided to elaborate educational programs in education policy, education management and pedagogy as such a format guarantees perfect development of each of the directions and ensures high quality.


The School’s priority is high quality education which is why it strives to form a dynamic environment where students will acquire modern knowledge and get ready for the intellectual challenges facing the society, a guarantee of which will be the School’s programs which are a synthesis of Georgian and foreign scientific achievements and rely on the experience of leading Western universities.


On the very first stage of the formation of Caucasus Education School, the first step was taken towards Pedagogy direction. A team of Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences responsible for the development of the education dimension started elaborating the Integrated Bachelor’s- Master’s Program of Primary School Teacher of General Education (Initial Teacher Education or Training ITET) (the I-VI grades).


The management team of the most qualified and successful project – Georgian Primary Education (G-PriEd) and experienced personnel of various international and local successful projects were mobilized to create the Program of the Teacher of Primary Education (Initial Teacher Education or Training ITET), which was a reason the Program was accredited for four years on March 7, 2019.


It was due to the efficient efforts of the experienced challenge-oriented team that Caucasus University announced enrollment in the Program of Primary School Teacher of General Education (the I-VI grades) in 2019.


Relying on a long successful experience of the G-PriEd, the team implementing the Program is in full readiness for not only taking care of preparing future teachers but also offering to active teachers up-to-date, high-quality training programs in Literacy, Mathematics, Critical thinking, Professional Skills and other concentrations.


At present, the team responsible for the formation of Caucasus Education School is completing work on developing Master’s Program in Education Policy. The fact worth mentioning is that Caucasus University is an innovator in this respect as well as the program has no analogue in Georgia.


The personnel employed in the development of the Master’s Program in Educational Policy are the people at different times involved in elaboration, identification and realization of the education policy with experience of successfully participating in international research and academic pursuits.


Even on the stage of its formation, Caucasus Education School maintains partner relations with many a private and public educational institution in secondary and higher education as well as with NGOs and public institutions of various kinds.  


Caucasus University plans to carry on its activities in education management and Pedagogy.


The formation stage of Caucasus Education School has reached a logical conclusion and before long it will start operating as an independent structural autonomous unit.