School Of Technology

The history of the Caucasus School of Technology begins in 2008. CST aims to prepare up-to-date, competitive specialists, who will have theoretical knowledge in the field and the skills necessary for research and/or practical work.


To achieve this, the school creates a comfortable learning environment, incorporates proven teaching methodologies, develops relevant curricula with the involvement of highly qualified academic staff.


Caucasus School of Technology offers academic programs that meet local or international labor market requirements. During the development of the programs the recommendations of leading specialists and professors of partner foreign universities are taken into consideration.


Currently, three undergraduate programs are being implemented at the Caucasus School of Technology:


  • Computer Science
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Cyber security (Joint, 3 year)


And Masters Degree program in:


  • Information Technology Management
  • Digital Logistics Management


The Caucasus School of Technology is also conducting scientific research in the fields of information security, telecommunications and microelectronics.


Our team is constantly working to bring you new programs that are of your interest and create the learning environment you need.