Mzekala Shanidze

Award - "Supporter of the Georgian Language"


Caucasus University has established an annual award "Supporter of the Georgian Language" for well-known Kartvelologists or contributors to the implementation of outstanding ideas and promoters of the Georgian language. A specially created commission makes a decision on awarding: a researcher working in the field of Kartvelological research, a distinguished idea, an author or a Kartvelologist who has implemented important projects. The award "Supporter of the Georgian Language" will be given to both Georgian and foreign scientists. Part of the mission of Caucasus University is to pursue a targeted policy to support the proper functioning of the state language and to support Kartvelological research. This year, for the first time, the President of Caucasus University, Dr. Kakha Shengelia, presented the award "Supporter of the Georgian Language" to Academician Mzekala Shanidze.


The award will be of an annual nature and the candidate selected according to the criteria approved in advance by the commission will be awarded a special prize by the President of the University. The annual award was established at the initiative of Caucasus University Professor Mariam Manjgaladze and with the support of Caucasus University.