Implementation Progress Report of the Jean Monnet Module "EU-LP-GE", 2022-2023

8 September 2023




Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Module EU-LP-GE”

Implementation – Presentation of the Progress Report of 2022-2023



On September 8, at 10:00 a.m., at the meeting of the governing board of the Caucasus University, the progress report of the implementation of the Jean Monnet Module “EU-LP-GE” was heard. The presentation about the activities done during the 2022-2023 were made by professors Ms. Ekaterine Kardava and Mrs. Guranda Chelidze.


Objectives of the Module are:


  • Empowerment of law programs and establishment of new approaches towards European Studies and Research;
  • Enhancement of European Arena;
  • Development of new methods of European Studies in Georgia;
  • Encouragement of Academic personal towards European Studies (to develop own curriculums towards comparative studies);
  • Development of research skill towards EU law and legal approximation among Students and Academia;
  • Development of the third mission of the university – export the knowledge outside the University;
  • Visualization of the EU and European studies;
  • Information Policy and Dissemination;


The meeting of the governing board of the university was attended by the president of the Caucasus University, vice-presidents, deans of various schools, heads of administrative departments and others.


Within one year:


  • Public presentation of the module was carried out during the Erasmus+ days. 2022.
  • A meeting was held with representatives of the university and school administration, as well as professors (it was explained what and why should be done within the framework of the module). 2022.
  • Lectures (full course) were held within the MA Law Program - "Association Agreement, Lawmaking and Legal Approximation". (Ekaterine Ekaterine). 2023.
  • A trainings (mini-lectures) was held for students of BA Law students - "European Union in general and European integration" (Guranda Chelidze); 2023.
  • The draft-texts of the amendments to syllabis (labor law, constitutional law of Georgia, human rights law) were prepared and submitted for the 2022.
  • The module logo and banner were made. 2022.
  • Communicating with the public and providing information was carried out (continually carried out).
  • Questionnaires was prepared for students (MA law and BA law programs) and the results of their answers related to the lectures and trainings were analyzed. The following opinion was recorded from the students: they want more information in other teaching courses with regard to the approximation of Georgian legislation with the EU law; they heard new and useful information (which, in general, is not spread and sound); they will use the acquired knowledge in professional/practical activities.


The Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Module "Europeanization of Law Programs in Georgia" (EU-LP-GE) is implemented at the Caucasus University/Caucasus School of Law. The module is supported by the European Commission. The professors of the module are Ms. Ekaterine Kardava and Mrs. Guranda Chelidze. The coordinator of the module is Ms. Ekaterine Kardava.


Progress Report