Legal Dimension of the EU studies Conference Caucasus University Jean Monnet Project “LFEU” 17 May, 2022

2 June 2022




Within the framework of the Jean Monnet Project "The Legal Face of the EU"(LFEU), a conference “Legal Dimension of the EU Studies” was held at the Caucasus University.


The aim of the conference was to promote and strengthen EU studies within the educational law programs and to discuss the topic in the capacity of education policy.


Dr. Kakha Shengelia, president of Caucasus University and Sophio Shengelia - dean of Caucasus School of Law opened the conference and welcomed the audience.


The speakers at the conference were: Nino Tsereteli, head of the Higher Education Development Department of the Ministry of Education and Science; Lasha Margishvili, deputy director of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement;


The Estonian, Ukrainian and Georgian professors (in the field of law) made a speech.


Professors of Caucasus University Ekaterine Kardava and Guranda Chelidze moderated the conference.



conference agenda

professor from Estonia

professor from Ukraine

Lasha Margishvili presentation