Responsible Conduct of Research -Research Integrity and Ethics in Georgian Universities (ETHICS)

13 March 2023




Responsible Conduct of Research -Research Integrity and Ethics in Georgian Universities (ETHICS)



Within the 2022 Erasmus+ Institutional development program, the first national structural reform project had been funded: “Responsible Conduct of Research -Research Integrity and Ethics in Georgian Universities” (ETHICS). Caucasus University is a partner in the aforementioned project.


The goals of the project are:


  • Improvement of the existing tools of research reliability and integrity
  • Development/review the policies and documents of university research integrity and ethics necessary resources
  • Development of innovative system of research integrity, which includes the implementation of an extensive digital course MOOC, the creation of a functional research university code of ethics, and the formation of the Ethics Committee of Research Management


Project coordinator is Ilia state university and partners include the Ministry of education and Science of Georgia, the National Center for the development of education quality and the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia.


It is also worth noting that along with 10 Georgian universities, 4 European universities are involved in the project, which will contribute to the sharing of both local and international practices and the establishment of strategically important communication network with European universities.


The formal implementation of conscientious research practices and the development of the goals envisaged by the project will help to increase the competitiveness of Georgian universities, both in Georgia and abroad, especially within the framework of the programs announced by Horizon Europe and the European Research Council.


 Project start and end dates: 02.05.2023-30.10.2027.


 For more information, please visit the project website.