Confidence Building Early Response Mechanism



A joint EU-UNDP initiative




“Promoting confidence between ASU and CU academics and building elements of peace studies curriculum in ASU”



Overall  Objective  of  the  Project  is  to    build  confidence between  Georgian  and  Abkhaz  academics  by establishing contacts and collaboration in the field of peace studies and by promoting peace education in the Abkhaz State University (ASU).


Specific objectives of the project are the following:


  • To establish contacts and collaboration between academics of CU, ASU and European universities;
  • To develop the resource base for peace education in ASU;
  • To develop 4 new undergraduate curriculum, including the topics of peace education at ASU;


Coordinating institution and grant holder: Caucasus University (CU) - Georgia


Project Partners: Abkhaz State University (ASU) - Georgia, Dublin City University (DCU) - Ireland, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) - Ireland, University of Ulster (UU) - United Kingdom, The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.