Academic Integrity for Quality Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Institutions in Georgia (INTEGRITY)



Core Objective:


The core objective of the project is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning processes that are based on the principles of academic integrity and supported by policies, mechanisms and tools that help prevent and detect cases of plagiarism in higher education institutions in Georgia.


Project Activities include:


Plagiarism Prevention & Detection Electronic Program Introduction in Georgian HEIs: to introduce plagiarism detection and prevention/feedback instrument in Georgian universities, i.e. Turnitin Feedback Studio electronic program and integration into the existing Moodle system (Turnitin+Moodle).


Coherent and Consistent PR Plagiarism Awareness Campaign in HEIs in Georgia to design and launch a PR campaign as an important promotional mechanism that targets both students and faculty/teaching staff.


Faculty/teaching staff training modules in effective assessment, teaching and learning to enhance student performance against the principles of academic integrity.


Student Services that aim at developing and enhancing student services and academic writing tutoring opportunities to boost their writing skills with an eye on academic integrity.


Academic Writing Curriculum Review – HEIs in Georgia will review their academic writing curriculum (bachelor, master and PhD level) against standards and requirements established for written academic communication.


University Policies and Resources: The project aims at helping higher education institutions shape their consistent framework of policies and regulations that are conducive to quality teaching and learning processes based on the principles of academic integrity. Importantly, it allows universities to develop their resources (e.g. guides) and introduce advanced tools (Moodle, Turnitin) to support effective academic instruction.


Coordinating institution: Ilia State University (ISU) – Georgia


Please see the booklet about Plagiarism 

Please see the booklet about Plagiarism - "Learn to write acadmically and avoid plagiarism"


For more information, please visit the program website  


Nugzar Skhirtladze, Vice-President of the Caucasus University, in the field of education on Academic integrity