“The Media Dialogue for Democracy and Peace" project is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and aims to engage journalists, social activists, students and researchers in developing a European model for cooperation between civil society institutions, the media, student youth and researchers in cooperation with the state authorities and bodies of self-government. It helps participants master the advanced technologies of journalism, apply social networks in a proper way, establish a political dialogue, communicate with representatives of other countries in order to understand the cause-and-effect motives for the formation of the socio-political situation in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Belarus and the further development of these countries.


The topics of the project are the following:


  • The role of media for a democratic development in countries of the eastern partnership, especially Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia.
  • Hate Speech, Fake-news, propaganda;
  • European perspectives to overcome the conflict situation
  • Democracy, the rule of law as a basic for perspectives of economic development


During the project the participants produce media products (Video / Blog / Social Networks / WEB-Page) with assisting of experienced media trainers.

You can see the booklet here.


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The project dates: June,2019 - October,2019