“Gastronomical Bootcamp” Project implemented in partnership with the USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program


Project Coordinator: Caucasus University (CU)

Project Partners: Basque Culinary Center (BCC), Gastronomic Tourism Business Association of Georgia (GTBA)

Project Number: 001C1-001-2021-14


The objective of this partnership model is to address the employment competitiveness of the Georgian workforce and create an innovative model to upskill professionals and trainers of the gastronomy sector. The uniqueness of the model is that it features a partnership between an education institution, an association serving as a representative of the private sector, and an internationally credible school that provides quality of education.


There are currently no vocational training programs in gastronomy in Georgia designed in collaboration with the international competence of European partners. Thus, knowledge and experience transfer from one of the leading educational centers in European gastronomy will benefit vocational gastronomical education and the entire hospitality industry in Georgia.


Caucasus University will partner with the Basque Culinary Center (BCC) and Gastronomic Tourism Business Association of Georgia (GTBA) to ensure that European and local industry expertise is provided for the development of training programs. GTBA will take part in participant selection and attraction at all stages of the project by involving its member network and connections throughout the industry. While BCC will provide it's expertise and know-how to develop next level training programs. Main outcomes of the project are:


  • Development of two ToT programs under the guidance of BCC: 1) Global gastronomic trends and modern techniques and 2) new ways of presenting dishes and plating
  • Promotional campaign to attract 16 chef-trainers
  • Training delivery to 16 chef-trainers in partnership with BCC
  • Delivery of two workforce development programs for 32 students by selected four best trainers
  • Hosting summarizing event to publicize project outcomes among industry stakeholders


In the long term, the project will support job creation and economic development in Georgia. It will give an alternative opportunity to young professionals to manage gainful employment. In the shorter term it will increase the competency of the trainees, both young and experienced professionals, and immediately create new workplaces. Project implemented in partnership with the USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program.