Book title: European Union Politics

Author: John McCormick

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

Year: 2011, 2015, 2020

Copyright Holder: John McCormick



The book describes EU politics and policies. The book is primarily intended for students of Social and Political Science, as well as for the wider general public taking special interest in the specifics of the activities of the European Union and its institutions.


The third edition provides the latest statistical data presented in the form of tables, charts, and maps. At the end of each chapter, the history and latest developments of each member state is briefly reviewed - including its population, Gross Domestic Product, and image of the European Union.


The book thoroughly discusses various theories of integration, the EU institutions, and their history as well as the challenges faced by the EU and the European integration; in addition, the book gives interesting insight into its prospects and directions of its development.


The third edition of the book has been thoroughly revised and updated.


This project was made possible with the support of American people.


Grant holder: Caucasus University (CU) – Georgia.