“Developing and transferring an innovative Energy FInancing miX in order to activate private sector finance for increased investments in sustainable energy projects (E-FIX)”


Project Objectives:


The overall objective of the E-FIX project is to prepare the European market – with a focus on countries of various EU enlargement rounds, as well as markets of countries, which have recently reached the EU association status – for the intensified usage of innovative financing mechanisms in the energy sector in order to facilitate the increase of investments in energy projects and services.

The E-FIX project aims at triggering private finance for sustainable energy projects using innovative financing mechanisms, to be specific: credit lines for energy performance contracting (EPC), crowdfunding models and leasing models for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


Project Activities and Outcomes:


E-FIX project will:


  • result in increased knowledge and competences – with regard to financing opportunities in the energy sector – and build up capacities nationally to apply innovate financing mechanisms 
  • provide the national and international strategic background for continued advancement and replication of the E-FIX financing mechanisms
  • trigger investments in sustainable energy projects in the partner countries during the project duration and lay the groundwork for continued application beyond the project end
  • demonstrate and sustainably establish innovative financing model solutions for replication, especially for the markets of Central and South Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region,
  • strengthen the specialized market for energy technology and services on an EU-wide level, by increasing demand for (international) expertise and contribute to the emergence of innovative business models and products in the field of EE and REN, both in the partner countries and EU-wide


In the framework of E-FIX, project stakeholders will be addressed in different target groups. Capacity building trainings will concentrate on intermediary stakeholder groups with multiplication potential both from the public and private sectors, while activities aiming at a strategic anchoring of the E-FIX approach will address policy makers and public authorities. The project will as well disseminate its results to potential implementers of E-FIX financing campaigns, i.e. project developers from the business/industry sector, energy providers and public institutes at the municipal level.


You can visit the official webpage of the project.


Project Starting and Finishing Dates: 01.03.2018 - 28.02.2021