About the Module






In 2022, the Caucasus University, namely Caucasus School of Law, won the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Activities (JMA) competition in the field of the Jean Monnet Module: "Europeanization of law programs in Georgia" (101084764 — EU-LP-GE).


The Jean Monnet Module will last 3 years - (2022-2025).


The professors of Jean Monnet Module are: Dr. Ekaterine Kardava and Dr. Guranda Chelidze.


The aim of the Jean Monnet module is to strengthen and promote European teaching and research in Georgia.


General Objectives of Jean Monnet Module are:


  1. Generate new type of knowledge on the EU and support to strengthening the understanding about the role of the EU in Georgia.
  2. Foster European Union angle into non-EU related studies but in Law programs.
  3. Deliver tailor-made courses on specific EU issues relevant for future graduates in their professional life.
  4. Create sustainable interest in the EU and constitute the basis for future poles of European knowledge in EU association country (in Georgia).


Specific Objectives of Jean Monnet Module are:


  1. Strengthen and enhance the understanding of the EU through the specific teaching curriculums at the CU. Enlarge and broaden of EU studies towards different professions - law profession (at the MA and BA law programs). 
  2. Nurture the youth with European-style thinking and form a new generation that will act, research and work to strengthen the European democratic values, justice and freedom area in Georgia (through the activities in and outside the CU).
  3. Motivate and promote HEIs’ academic personnel to broaden their vision towards the EU law and empower their competitiveness because of the fact that in modern Georgia every field and any sphere is regulated by the EU-Georgia Association Agreement in order to reform and approximation national laws and policies with regard to EU standards.


Jean Monnet Budget is 19 000 Euro, among 70% (13 300 Euro) is funded by the EU.