ERASMUS + Exchange Program for Academic Staff - Spring 2019

9 May 2019

Caucasus University is pleased to announce an opening for the Erasmus + Exchange Program for Academic Staff in the Spring semester of 2019 at Tuscia University, Italy.


The Erasmus + Exchange Program for International Mobility of Academic Staff is intended to cover travel expenses and provide scholarships. The amount of the scholarship is determined in accordance with Erasmus + guidelines and the laws of the recipient country.


To teach at a partner university, staff mobility is one week (includes 5 business days, though the university may offer increased mobility days) and includes mandatory 8 lecture hours.


Applications may be submitted by:


  • Full-time academic staff (by order/long-term contract) with English language course experience or
  • Academic staff at Caucasus University who has experience in conducting English language courses.


For the purposes of this application, mobility may be pursued at Tuscia University in the spring semester of 2019 in the following academic fields:


  • Quality management and quality assurance;
  • Financial economics; Risk and portfolio management;
  • Development macroeconomics;
  • Macroeconomic Policy;
  • Political Economy.


Interested academic staff must submit the following documents in English:


  • Copy of International Passport;
  • Filled Application Form (See Appendix # 1)
  • EUROPASS CV (See Appendix #2) (See Appendix # 3)
  • Essay that should reflect: Experience of working at Caucasus University;
  • Information on projects and programs in which the applicant has participated with Caucasus University or as a representative of Caucasus University;
  • 1 letter of recommendation from the faculty; (Dean/Head of Academic Program)


The following applications won’t be considered:


  • Incomplete or inconsistent with established requirements;
  • Applications submitted late or in stages.


Candidates can apply online by April 6, 2019 at:

The candidate must indicate in the email subject line the name of the selected university to which they are applying. Each document should be labeled accordingly.


Selection procedure:


  • The application documents are reviewed by the Caucasus University Competition Commission.
  • The Department of International Relations and Projects will nominate selected candidates;
  • Information/documents on selected candidates will be provided to the receiving university;
  • Final selection of academic staff by the receiving university;


For more information, please contact the Caucasus University Department of International Relations and Projects, 2nd Floor, Room B25.


Good luck!