Success Story


Tinatin Bakradze   


Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary

Caucasus School of Media



No one should miss the chance to live and study abroad. Foreign culture, new friends, lecturers and a different learning environment play a huge role in a person’s personal and professional development. I was looking forward to the announcement of the Erasmus program from the first year and was very happy when I was accepted to the Metropolitan University of Budapest. This school is distinguished by the abundance of foreign students and is adapted to modern teaching methods. I already know that one semester spent here will be one of the best periods of my life.


Ana Martiashvili


Lille Catholic University, France

Caucasus Business School


The trip to France was not really planned, it was a flash of spontaneous thought, which in a few months became a reality. Happy and pleasant moments are indescribable: I met people of many nationalities, traveled to European countries and acquired new qualities and skills. It was unbelievable to me that even the humor of the exchange students (from different countries) would be different.

The only obstacle I encountered was getting used to the alien environment, the rhythm of my new life and the system of learning, but the administration of Lille Catholic University is always ready to support and help. The Erasmus + exchange program allowed me to develop as a person, to experience unforgettable adventures and feelings.



Luka Potskhishvili


University of Valladolid, Spain

Caucasus Business School


Living and studying in Valladolid is an incomparable experience. I think the knowledge gained there is not only the basis of career advancement, but also of personal development. It seemed difficult to live independently for 5 months at first, but the university has such an atmosphere that it becomes as easy as possible to adapt. In my opinion, participating in the Erasmus program is an experience that every promising and ambitious student should take at some point, because after the project you will actually return to your homeland more purposeful, hardworking, independent and energetic.


Mariam Ninikelashvili


Lille Catholic University, France

Caucasus Business School






Even before I arrived in France, I knew there were many exciting and colorful adventures ahead, but the reality was beyond my expectations. A different learning system, contact with students from different countries, local lecturers, daily interactions with the French, gave me significant experience and contributed to my personal and professional development. Studying in France and living independently was a great challenge for me. I think my personal qualities and aspirations for novelties have helped me to easily overcome this new stage of life. I think France is the best place for student life and travel. Getting out here was one of the best decisions of my life.



Juba Kurashvili


University of Valladolid, Spain

Caucasus Business School



The main challenge of the exchange program for me was to live independently, and being away from loved ones was made easier for me by pursuing a European life experience and a high quality education. Spaniards are amazingly warm, positive people and have a close-knit social culture. Here I saw what I want our country and society to be like. Education in Spain is practice-oriented, which I like very much.
It is noteworthy that the credits obtained at the University of Valladolid under this program are fully compatible with the program of the Caucasus University. Thank you to Erasmus+ Program and Caucasus University for giving me such an opportunity!



Ima-Shalom Katamadze, Irina Mugdusi, Ana Aslamazashvili, Revaz Maisuradze, Tornike Kvinikadze, Ana Gorduladze




Lille Catholic University, France

Caucasus School of Governance / Caucasus School of Economics / Caucasus School of Law


It is very important for us to go to Europe, in particular to France, for an exchange program. Lille Catholic University is one of the oldest and largest private universities where students come to from all over the world. It gave us a chance to have the greatest experience in learning in a different environment, as well as in terms of life and personal development. The learning system, the lecturers, the schedule, everything was new and different. We have mastered the language, got to know a lot of students from different countries, made friends and learned to be independent, which will definitely affect our future and career. Many thanks to Caucasus University for this opportunity and for being very successful in the field of Erasmus exchange programs and giving us a chance to spend at least one semester at various universities around the world. This experience will be truly unforgettable for each of us!



Lile Jikia, Ana Patashuri, Natia Tavdgiridze, Sulkhan Tebidze, Teona Pevadze, Tamar Surmanidze


University of TUSCIA, Italy

Caucasus Business School / Caucasus School of Economics




Erasmus+ gave us a chance to go abroad and learn about a radically different lifestyle. This is a period of new discoveries in life of each of us, new challenges, many friends, adventures, opportunities for career development and personal growth. Moreover, we are given the opportunity to use the knowledge gained here as soon as we return to our homeland.



Giga Kutkhashvili


FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria 




Receiving education in the heart of Europe at least one semester and daily contact with foreign students is a unique and most important experience of my life. Constantly interacting with people from different cultures and sharing information with them makes it really interesting to be in Austria. I think this period will significantly contribute to my professional development. Today, I smile, remembering the excitement I experienced before leaving, because the environment here is nothing if not what Georgia aspires to.



Guga Julukhidze


University of Szczecin, Poland



Although the University of Szczecin was founded only 25 years ago, the university offers a wide range of research opportunities: laboratories, libraries, scientific conferences and seminars. For me, as a doctoral student, the most important thing was direct contact with the academic staff and constant consultation with them. In addition, the University will constantly assist you in participating in the activities necessary for doctoral research throughout Poland.

Due to the fact that I was given the opportunity to have a local scientific supervisor, it was much easier for me to adapt to the university and, most importantly, to conduct fruitful research.

The University of Szczecin fully lived up to the expectations that I, a doctoral student, and at the same time a researcher could have.



Teona Kheladze


Lille Catholic University, France



Studying and living in a foreign country was a challenge for me, but I must say that I have gained a lot of experience and I have overcome this challenge. Communicating with the French, different learning methods, foreign lecturers and students from cities around the world were great novelties in my life, which helped me to grow and develop both personally and professionally. This experience, I think, will be a big step forward in my career.




Mariam Kasradze


University of TUSCIA, Italy



On the day of my departure from Tbilisi, even before the plane took off, I felt that I was embarking on an adventure, and even today, every morning, I wake up with this feeling. I have already learned a lot from living alone in a foreign country and I am sure there will be many more challenges ahead. 5 months may not be a long time, but it is enough to find out a little more about yourself, to develop personally and return to your country filled with new ideas.



Salome Katsitadze


University of Economics in Katowice, Poland




Erasmus+ gives us a unique chance to live completely independently in the European zone and get to know ourselves better. During my life here, I developed different views and became acquainted with modern trends, which I think will help me in my career advancement in the future. Of course, thank you to Caucasus University for that.



Ketevan Gagoshidze, Nutsa Tsereteli, Mikheil Goguadze, Ela Skhritladze, Natia Chincharauli, Anastasia Motsonelidze 


KOC University, Turkey




From CU to KU

Six students from Caucasus University packed their luggage and left for Istanbul. It was not difficult to leave our families and friends because we were looking forward to an adventure called Erasmus +, which we’ve only heard about from the experiences of others.


The Erasmus + exchange program for some reason has always been associated with Europe, but suddenly we found ourselves at the crossroads of Asia and Europe - Istanbul. This city is not limited to the Bosphorus and the Hagia Sophia, such tourist attractions are just a façade, behind which, if given the chance, you should definitely look into, and we had more than enough time for that, which made our exchange program even more interesting.


As for the university. In one semester we found ourselves with students at one of Turkey’s most advanced university, which is another new challenge in our lives. We learned a lot, we studied interesting subjects, we had qualified lecturers who tried their best to make us feel comfortable in a foreign environment and were always ready to answer any of our questions.


We liked the environment, the friends we made here, the university dormitory, the library, where we can come and study at any time of the day or night.

We try to enjoy every second as much as possible and come back with new skills and experience. We wordlessly agree that one semester spent here will forever be etched in our minds as one of the best days, weeks or months.