General Requirements

Sophomore, senior and junior year students (first semester) for Bachelor’s Degree as well as the first and second year students for Master’s degree are eligible for participation in the international exchange programs. The students eligible for participation should commence preparation at least one semester in advance.


Only those students are eligible for participation whose Grade Point Average (GPA minimum 3.0) at the end of each academic stage is equal to or higher than the required minimum GPA prescribed by the International Relations and Projects Department. 




  1. High academic performance (GPA – minimum 3.0)
  2. Having an international certificate in the English language (IELTS 6.0; TOEFL 78)
  3. Having appropriate presentation skills


CU students do not pay additional tuition fee at a partner University.


Students cover all the incurred expenses (travel, living and insurance) except the tuition fee. After graduation, qualification is awarded by Caucasus University and not by the partner University. The credits successfully earned at a partner university are recognized by Caucasus University.