Cycle of panel discussions on the topic " development of the country and the labor market - challenges of pedagogy 2023"

3 July 2023

The Caucasus Education School is implementing a project within the framework of the primary teacher training program from June 20 to July 27, 2022 - a cycle of panel discussions on the topic "Development of the country (economy, democracy, peace) and the labor market - challenges of pedagogy 2023". The project is carried out within the framework of the third mission of Caucasus University, which is the university's contribution to the economic growth of the country and the development of society, community service.


As part of the third mission of the University, the Caucasus Education School has been implementing similar projects since 2020: "Digital literacy and the challenges of primary education teacher training in the new Georgian reality" (2020); "Challenges of education" - cycle of public lectures 2021; "Public Lecture Series 2022 - Primary Education and Key Competences for Lifelong Learning" (for related reports see the link).


The goals of the current project are to address the country's development and labor market challenges:


Understanding the responsibilities and response capabilities of the school community;

Identify current directions for scientific work of academic staff and students;

Promotion of primary education's effective responses and the long-term process of accumulating relevant knowledge.


Based on the project's objectives, it is planned to hold a series of panel discussions with representatives of interest groups involved in the school-education process, with the main focus being on challenges associated with primary education pedagogy in relation to the development of the country and the labor market.


The preparatory meeting of the project was held on June 20 in the format of a world cafe on the topic "Country development/labor market and challenges of primary pedagogy", and at the next stage of the project, panel discussions will be held on the following topics:


Key Competencies - Literacy and Challenges of Teaching Georgian Language at the Primary Level

Key Competencies and Challenges in Teaching Social Studies at the Elementary Level

Key Competencies and Challenges of Teaching STEM at the Primary Level

Key Competencies - Peace Education and Upbringing at the Primary Level


Representatives from the following interest groups will participate in the panel discussions: students of primary pedagogy (from Caucasus University and other universities); representatives of the school community: working teachers, parents, school principals (and other administration members); employer from different fields. They will present their opinions, experiences, and visions on the aforementioned issue. Panel discussions are also available for applicants interested in the profession of pedagogy.


The meetings will be held in an interactive mode - the participants will discuss the challenges we face in the development of lifelong learning competencies, which are a prerequisite for the well-being of an individual and the sustainable development of the country, among students of the primary level of general education. Accordingly, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments.


Aluda Goglichidze, Dean of the Caucasus Education School and Affiliated Associate Professor, and Paata Papava, Affiliated Associate Professor of Caucasus University, will serve as general facilitators for the panel discussions.

In order to participate in each panel discussion, interested persons must register via the link available on the Caucasus University Facebook page.


Within the framework of the project, video recording of panel discussions will be carried out, and the recording will be available on the website of the Caucasus School of Education.


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