Caucasus School of Economics Student Scientific Conference

29 May 2021


On May 28, the CSE Student Scientific Conference was held at the CU campus. The conference was attended by bachelor’s and master’s as well as doctoral degree students.


The conference was held in Georgian for bachelor’s and master’s students and in English for doctoral students.

By the decision of the jury, the best works were selected at all three levels:


Bachelor’s degree:


I place - Mikheil Bichashvili

Topic - "Cryptocurrency - The Currency of the Future, Principles and Impact On the Economy"


II place - Linda Gorgiladze, Tatia Gorgiladze

Topic - "Economic Expectations and Reality of Visa Liberalization"


III place - Alexander Sivolapov, Tsis Zhgenti

Topic - "Road to European Integration and Reforms in Georgia"


Participating students:


Nona Buzhgulashvili, Nikoloz Gogichashvili

Topic - "Real Economic Convergence and the European Union"


Master’s degree:


I place - Ana Alfaidze

Topic - "Innovation and the Green Economy, the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Its Development"


Doctoral degree:

I place - Davit Utiashvili

Topic - "Comparing Covid-19 and the Global Financial Crisis - Banking Sector Performance"


II place - Gvantsa Kheladze

Topic - "The Effect of Covid-19 On The Cryptocurrency Market - Integration and Analytical Review of Recent Research"


III place - Natia Gigauri

Topic - "Swaps and the World Financial System"


Participating students

Anano Gabrichidze - Refinancing rate in Georgia

Levan Uchumbegashvili - Economics Within the Pharmaceutical Industry