Program prepares doctoral students in International Relations (program is in Georgian Language) and aims to provide graduates with skills and adequate scientific knowledge to study processes taking place in the region and around the world. It also aims to prepare graduates who are able to develop new scientific knowledge in international relations. The PHD Program in IR has been developed on the bases of academic peer review and consulting with professors from Amsterdam, Warsaw and Central European University.


Preparing Doctors of International Relations is crucially important to contribute to the development of academic and research spheres in Georgia. The demand for professionals of the field has been growing in many areas including in the scientific-research organizations, governmental agencies, higher educational institutions, regional and international organizations.


The aim of the program is to equip PhD students with appropriate theoretical knowledge and skills needed for educational, scientific and research activities. Program graduates will be able to use contemporary research and teaching methods. Another factor determining success of the program is combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. PhD students will have a chance to conduct research in different directions and gain experience from field professionals during their studies, which will become a stepping stone to their future successful scientific and academic careers.


It should be also noted, that in 2016 the Institute of Peace Studies was established at the Caucasus School of Governance as part of the EU Erasmus + funded project - „Creation of the Graduate Curricula in Peace Studies in Georgia“(PESTUGE). Since the end of the project in 2018, the institute is equipped with modern computer equipment, thematic library and students’ space. CU students are actively involved in the Institute’s activities (students attend public lectures on conflict and peace studies, they can take part in the organization process of various international conferences, they are involved in the preparation of electronic catalogue or other research publications). It is noteworthy that within the framework of PESTUGE, along with two Georgian Universities, Caucasus University also collaborates with world’s leading universities in Peace Studies, such as Trinity College University and Dublin City University, Ireland and The University of Innsbruck, Austria.


Languages of instruction: Georgian and English