Temo Melikishvili

Multimedia Journalist

TV Formula Journalism and Mass Communication

III course, 2020

CSM and I crossed roads in October 2017. Back then and even now I am convinced that I made the best decision of my life when I started studying journalism at CSM.

I have been obsessed with this profession since childhood, and if others were interested in music, sports, or video games, I was a frequent viewer of socio-political talk shows. When the difficult year of enrollment began, I knew that I would definitely become a student at Caucasus University.

From 2017 to the present, there have been and continue to be a series of interesting lectures on topics that will help me develop into a professional journalist. Here, from the very first day, each lecturer perceived us not only as students, but also as their friends and colleagues. Each of them was always ready to help me, even during the outside lecture hours, in order to create good journalistic works. CSM - this is a place where learning is definitely valued. I am personally an example of how you can get into the course rankings, with your own achievements, finance your studies yourself, and even get an offer to travel abroad on an exchange program.

Many people think that journalism is a very simple profession, but the "action", the energy, the adrenaline and the responsibility that accompanies this work are probably only comparable to a few professions. Here I learned the main thing: how to prepare a good report, an article or a story based on the highest journalistic standards so that the audience will never be ashamed to look me in the eye.

At the end of the second year, by Nino Zhizhilashvili’s request, I found myself in such a trustworthy online publication that creates an environment in the Georgian media market. That's how I got into Netgazeti and gained 3 months of practical experience.

The second course was distinguished by another important challenge, on which, according to professionals, we did well. Within the framework of Vakho Sanaia's course, we, second-year students, prepared a full-fledged socio-political talk show "Pirveli" on one of the hottest topics of that summer - "Tbilisi Pride". The idea sounded a bit crazy at first, we were also advised to change the topic, but we were able to do it. I will do a lot of journalistic productions in the future, hopefully good, though this show has left an indelible mark on my entire life. By studying at Caucasus University, each student is given a unique opportunity to become a professional.

Already today, I am a member of the team of the most distinguished, impartial and independent TV company in the Georgian media market - "Formula". I work as a multimedia journalist and create the most up-to-date, digital media content. This is also the merit of the knowledge gained in CSM. Before Mikho Kotetishvili's lectures, I probably never would have thought that I would create quality multimedia journalistic productions with montage programs.


Tsisia Kirvalidze

  Journalist, “Tabula”

Journalism and Mass Communication

III course 2020


I had decided to become a journalist before I became an entrant. I didn't think much about choosing a university - with the experience of family members and friends, I knew exactly where to study. I was one step away from achieving my goal - I had to pass the national exams successfully.


I achieved my first goal - I got a 100% grant from CSM, I also received internal funding from the university. I have been ranked 2nd for 2 years, which is why the university is financing my studies with an additional 50% grant. I often tell entrants that there is no unattainable goal in the case of labor, and Caucasus University is truly a place where hard work is valued.


Over the last 3 years, many times I have been convinced that I had made the right choice. Professionals I’ve seen on screens before share their experiences with us. Whether I chose online media or television, I knew I had a solid foundation: media school students in our studio have repeatedly prepared a story for us, recorded a show for CSM’s online radio, and wrote articles for a magazine we created.


I have been a journalist at “Tabula” for a year. I think the knowledge gained at the university and the many practical assignments have helped me a lot in finding my place. I have a year left before graduating, and due to the fact that each of my days has been packed with activities, time has passed very quickly. Analyzing this often scares me, but I know for sure that I got the most out of CSM. I got experience, quality knowledge and people who will stay in my life for a very long time after graduating from university.


Nutsa Tsereteli

PR and communication

Department of Marketing and Public Relations

Caucasus University

Graduate, 2019


In 2015, and more specifically when I first entered Caucasus University, I really couldn't have imagined that this place would radically change my life.


At first it seemed simple. I realized that I was interested in the field of public relations, and didn't even think about my choice. Before the national exams, in the very first line of my application I wrote down Caucasus University - 122 and connected my fate to CSM. After that there were many interesting lectures, friends, an Erasmus + exchange program, ranking and university-sponsored learning. That's how I found myself  among the first graduates of the PR and Communication Undergraduate Program.


Even today, when I am a CSM graduate, I realize how valuable, important and productive my years at CU were.


"CSM lecturers are potential employers of students," you will hear this phrase often in our university.  I too (in addition to seeing how my friends work in one company or another) have received many suggestions from lecturers who are constantly on alert to recommend you to thier colleagues. I declined such offers at various times for various reasons, but soon (year 4) I realized that it was time to gain some experience in the field and I turned to Caucasus University. My employer became the university that I had entrusted my future before.


CU gave me the opportunity to continue working in the field that I devoted my time studying at CSM. That's how I found myself in the marketing and PR department.


I will not lie, it is a great feeling when you work for a university that gave you amazing years, introduced you to friends and now - colleagues.

Misho Goguadze

Journalist, TV company “Mtavari”

IV year, 2019


I’ve thought a lot about when I started to really love journalism. This started a long time ago, back when I was still a child. Back then I was dreaming of working at “Droeba” and “P.S.”. I knew that just dreaming about it wouldn’t actually do anything, so when I was in ninth grade I started researching universities and came across Caucasus School of Media. This is where it all began.


The first time I tried applying to CSM I was unsuccessful, I didn’t receive a grant so I had to make a choice and pick sociology, but I knew that I needed to be a student of CSM and by the end of the year I retook the national exam. During this time a lot of people told me to pick another field, since I’ll still be able to become a journalist, some didn’t even believe that I’d get funding. On August 5 I wanted to go out into the street and yell out that I knew I’d be able to do it like in the movie “The Eccentrics” – “I told you I would fly!”.


The firs year wasn’t easy, but I knew that I had to do everything in my power to receive funding because the state grant wasn’t enough to cover my tuition fully. By the end of that year the program director of the bachelor’s degree called me and told me that next year, I wouldn’t have to pay at all since I was number one in my course. I received another call at the end of my second year, this time it was my Dean, telling me that not only was I at the top once again, but I was also going to study in one of the best universities of Turkey, Istanbul for free in the framework of “Erasmus +” that I won without competition. I soon realized that not only was I studying in one of the best universities of Georgia, but also one of the best universities of our neighbouring country. A foreign country, high levels of education and newfound independence. This was the best semester of my academic career. While I was studying at Koc University, I realized how great it feels to take a 15-minute nap in the library, and then study, read and write a lot. After the exchange program was over during the third year I received an email telling me that I was at the top once again and have a 100% grant. I once again realized that I was where I was meant to be, where real knowledge was valued.


Whenever I think of CSM, I ask myself – what did SCM give me? – and I have a very easy answer to this question – people, the best professionals in my favourite field, the best journalists, producers, media experts, jurisprudents, politicians, etc.


I had to do a lot of practical work with my course mates. I have also been the main producer of news and political programs on several occasions. And all of was with the help of our awesome lecturers.


I had many offers from my lecturers during my studies, but the main goal was to get funding during these years, so I refused. By the end of the third year, when I had guaranteed funding for the fourth year, I started thinking about internships. The only requirement I had for myself was that I had to start my internship without any recommendations.  After several unsuccessful attempts, I joined Rustavi 2, after the interview the head of the news service told me that I had to be at work at 5 pm the same day. I faced a lot of challenges the entire summer, sleepless nights again, though I always said that I was pleasantly tired and that what I was doing was enjoyable. Then there was the departure....


And now I'm where the main events take place. I work daily to inform the public. The dream came true and my story was broadcasted in Post Factum. I am actively working on socio-political issues. Most importantly, the knowledge gained at the CSM, both practical and theoretical, allows me to stay in shape, trustful and reliable.


And if anyone asks me what CSM has given me, I will say – mainly, the people, and most importantly, the opportunity to realize my potential.

Sofo Gozalishvili

Journalist,TV company “Imedi”

CSM graduate



I was in tenth grade when I saw an advertisement for CSM and the phrase “this group creates the Caucasus Media School” really stayed with me. I decided to apply because of School of Media lecturers and within one week of studying in CU, I was sure that I had made the right choice.


Within 1 year of me studying in CU, I received an email from my Dean, saying that I was in first place with my rating and that I received a 100% grant. The same happened by the end of my second year, though by then I was also notified that I’ll spend the first semester of the third year in Vilnius, in the University of Applied Social Sciences. During my fourth and final year, I once again received a 100% grant.


I often think about the four years I spent in CSM. In the beginning I mentioned lecturers that inspired me to study in CU; they were the ones to teach me everything, from holding a microphone to filming a full story.


A few months back I was set to appear Live, I was extremely nervous and couldn’t sleep, then I remembered a presentation I held for the Dean of my school, Ms. Nino Jijilashvili, who taught us media monitoring. This was my first time standing in front of a “large” audience (around 30 people), I was very nervous back then but I managed to convince myself that everything would be fine, and I was right. Later I said to myself, that if I was able to talk in front of 30 people, I’ll be able to do it in front of the audience of this channel too.


There is a lot I want to say about CSM, but I’m afraid it won’t fit into this one page. It is a fact, though, that CSM made me into a better person and in my opinion, that’s what matters the most.

Tamta Chitishvili

Journalist at Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company




Let’s all agree that every stage of our lives gives us different experiences and makes us more mature. I want to talk about a very special period of my life that had a huge impact on my development. I want to talk about the time when I was an applicant and moved to live alone and started looking for a university. I was sure that whatever choice I made would have a huge impact on my future.


I chose CSM, and convinced my parents to support me financially with the promise that I wouldn’t have a problem with any subjects I would take. In the end I kept my promise.

Today I am rather proud of myself, for making the right choice. I vividly remember the first day and the first words our Dean told us “one of the main goals of journalism is to double check the news”.


We all know that theoretical knowledge of journalism is not enough, and that you actually need to apply it in practice. That’s exactly what I liked in my university, we had to write reports and stories, we had to shoot, edit, work with a souffleur etc. 2 years ago I came to Rustavi 2 and all that theoretical and practical knowledge came to my advantage.


If I were an applicant now, and had to choose a university, I’d still go for CSM, though I am rather regretful that I could have done more while studying there.


Tamta Bardzemishvili

“Adjara Productions” Segment-producer

Fourth year



When you start reading this, you might think that it’s another one of those “commissioned posts”, which is not unusual, it happens sometimes where people speak about their experiences and only talk about the good parts. In my case, everything is rather simple, I just ask of you to lend me 5 minutes of your time and to believe me.


I was born into a middle class family. There were always things that I could not afford. When I was in 12th grade I stood before a decision that could change my life forever. When I told my mom that I wanted to study in a 20000 GEL school, she counted the 0’s just as you did now, but I’m currently in my fourth year, a week away from graduation and my mom and I often look back on my choice, saying that it was one of the best financial decisions we have made.


I will tell you how to be a student of a university that will help you find yourself.


I enrolled into Caucasus University in 2014, though you will learn about the journey this university had from a building owned by GTU, by a building on Politkovskaya Street to a new amazing campus where we are currently located.


When I first stepped into this building I was amazed. It looked like buildings you’d see in YouTube videos and it was filled with people I had only seen on TV. They would later become my lecturers and my friends. The lectures were so interesting, sometimes, even after 3 hours, we would ask the lecturer to stay “for a little bit more”. We had a lot to talk about, we held discussions, argued over certain topics and then we went home and thought about everything we had talked about during the lectures. Caucasus University allowed us to think, and that was, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of studying here.


In my fourth year I realized that I might not have chosen my profession correctly, but I don’t regret a single day I spent in this university. If it weren’t for these people and this environment, I never would have realized what I wanted to do in life.


If you want to go to a university where not only will you learn all about the profession of your choice, but also experience a healthy academic environment, Caucasus University is for you.

Nata Gelashvili


trainer, Social Media Manager

2018 year


It was about 18 months ago when an essay of mine was posted on CSM blog. At that time I was a sophomore student telling excitedly that the only genuine profession worth loving was Journalism.  


Now I am a junior year student, one more academic year and I will be conferred Bachelor’s degree but I have made an amazing discovery – I can fall in love with another profession. 


When enrolling at CU the only thing I knew was I wanted to stand at the prompter and tell people important news; however, I discovered I can do great deal more than that and I have had far more interesting life than I could have imagined when making the choice.
I entered the newsroom at the end of my freshmen year. I started my internship and “TV magic” permeated throughout my soul. More than one year I was running about the whole town equipped with a microphone. I found myself in numerous stressful situations, made a number of important choices but I know it for sure I would have been unable to do that if not for theoretical and practical knowledge which I had been given by Caucasus University. After a year I left the TV Company in order to devote more time to academic activities, gain maximum knowledge and try my abilities in other fields at least until I decided whether I wanted to go back or not. I have not decided yet.


Fortunately, besides TV journalism our school offers a number of interesting courses, including: Psychology, Sociology, Law, Economics … Few people know better than our dean that journalists need a little bit of everything. In addition to theory, we have learned techniques of recording, montage, radio and its concepts, etc. I honestly believe that when and if needed any CSM student can make a full program on his or her own on both platforms – TV and Radio, let alone writing articles meeting international standards.


My current job is linked with public relations and social media marketing, which is the strangest of all in my career. After leaving TV and regaining my strength I decided to think of something that I would be doing, maybe temporarily. Of all the courses taken, the most amazing to me was Public Relations and Introduction to Marketing. Therefore, I thought it would not be a bad idea to put into practice all I had learned in theory.

I started my new job in the new field on the position of Social Media manager. Writing has never been my “Achilles’ heel”, on the contrary and it has done me good. In addition to being a social media manager at the age of 20, I became the Public Relations and Marketing Manager at a big holding and as expected the theoretical knowledge turned out to be useful in practice too.

Since then I have signed an agreement with the fourth company and along with it I am doing what attracts me most – I share my knowledge with others. It started like this: one of my employers offered me to teach others what I was doing, i.e. social media marketing.


Thus, I have two jobs along with which I am holding master classes (even though I am a student) as well; sure I am enabled to do it not only because of my professional qualification but also with the knowledge my University has given to me. It is pretty clear it is stressful to stand in front of people much older and experienced than you are and speak on the subjects of their interest. Such a job needs assurance of the highest degree, which can be attained by only self-reliance and faith in your strength.  


As I have mentioned above, since I became a Bachelor’s degree student my life has turned upside down a number of times. My life is far more interesting than I would have imagined, for which I should be grateful to Caucasus University.

Sophie Obolashvili

Senior, Forbes




Each choice changes something; it is a way of search for and discovery of novelty. Each choice helps us to determine the future, our goals and means with which we strive to reach them, therefore it is not surprising that I chose Caucasus School of Media four years ago when I decided to become a journalist.


I have never been afraid of making choices because one of my driving forces is constant striving for self-development. I remember how proud I felt when entering a newsroom of one of TV companies I met another CSM student – who was just getting ready for live. The same happened when I went to other places where I met many CSM graduates and already successful journalists; at that time I realized how important it is to be a CSM student or a graduate.


Later I found myself in Forbes, where I was entrusted first with writing blogs and later with writing articles for the magazine. I have always wanted to work at company where everybody adheres to ethics and modern standards, which was why I started working with double enthusiasm. It would have never happened if it had not been for CSM where we have been taught by the most successful professionals of the field who have been trying to allow us to comprehend what it means to be a journalist.


In addition, CSM has given me an opportunity to take courses at Thomson Foundation where with the help of ex-producers and ex-editors of BBC, CNN, the Guardian and Reuters I got familiar with the modern standards to which the most outstanding TV channels and publication adhere.


Now, when I have reached the final stage of my Bachelor’s degree and am gradually becoming a professional, I realize all would be just a dream if not the right choice made four years ago when I decided on my future profession and opted for Caucasus School of Media.

Ana Machabeli

Company “Statement” CEO




I will be graduating from university next year; however, I have already achieved success. I will begin from the back – recently I have set up a company “Statement”, a comprehensive fashion service agency which is the first of its kind not only in Georgia but also in the whole post-Soviet space and Eastern Europe. The company offers media relations, creative and consulting service.  It also includes fashion, style, advertising industry and modern technology spheres. The experience which I gained at Caucasus School of Media has helped me great deal and has made significant changes in my life.


In the first place, experience, friends and professors who have made a significant impact on my life. At CSM the atmosphere us pleasant, free and friendly. I have made many friends here, some of whom are my professors. On each stage here new aims were added and the spectrum of interests widened.


The beginning was my desire to become a successful journalist and a TV reporter. In this respect CSM has prepared me and given me best experience and knowledge; however, neither print media has escaped me. While writing I feel am the freest of all the human beings; in addition, I feel I need it to enjoy what I am doing. I have plans in this respect too, which I will carry out in the nearest future.


I have already gained experience in another dimension: I am one of the founders of an NGO – “Civil Society Development”; of all the projects run by us I would highlight one – My Power My Freedom, a project facilitating to creating inclusive environment for people with disabilities.


I will graduate from CSM equipped with experience and knowledge and even though it’s really very pleasant to have more time for my career, I still can’t imagine my life without CSM.

Marie Dudunia

Journalist, Studio “Monitor”




I have been working at Studio Monitor since graduating from University. It was in my senior year when Nino Zurabishvili taught us Forensic Journalism when after watching a film on forensic journalism I realized I wanted to work in the field. Nino told me I could stay at the “Monitor” for a trial period. The first joint film was about domestic violence on which we had been working for a few months; we examined the problem closely and had interviews with a few women. The film is gripping.


There are various reasons for which domestic violence will remain a severe problem in our country for at least a while. However, from the political point of view and in respect to raising the police awareness many significant changes have taken place. I believe our film has done its share too.  


Later, there were a few other films, one of which told about people deprived of their property. After showing the film the person who was guilty of the crime was arrested. The Prosecutor’s speech almost exactly followed our film.


Environmental and social issues, problems in electric power sector and alleged corruption are the topics on which I am currently working.


If not Caucasus School of Media my career of a journalist might be absolutely different. My present career enables me to proudly tell about it to my favorite lecturer Mr. Zviad Koridze.


P.S. While being a student I dreamed of ethical journalism, which I would follow after graduating from CSM.


I believe Caucasus School of media is the best place for journalism.

Giorgi Kikabidze
Journalist, TV 1



I have joined TV Pirveli recently, where I found myself in absolutely strange and amazing environment; I met many new people and encountered a pace that one has to keep up with or nobody will ever notice you. If you fall behind the events, others will be asking the questions you should have asked, others will be shooting what you should have filmed and others will attract more viewers than you do.


Even though we had to make news programs and TV reporting at CSM, my real debut in making a TV program took place in TV Pirveli. The topic covered was a confrontation between the students of Tbilisi State University and its administration. The events were changing so rapidly that I had nothing ready 30 minutes before the program started. However, I felt relieved after we had managed to broadcast the program on time.


When on the day of the election of the director of Public Broadcaster, the producer called me to tell I would go live at 1.00 p.m., I heard my heart beating. The excitement I felt was like rope jumping – a type of extreme hobby, when people jumping from high rocks feel adrenaline rush into their faces. The live was not faultless but fortunately neither was I severely reprimanded. Now I know I can be friends with camera.


If there was no CSM in my life what I have just told you would not have happened. There during four years I had a chance to interact with professional journalists and wonderful lecturers. In the course of learning at CSM, you acquire different roles; roles of a reporter, cameraman and an announcer. In fact, you start fitting in different roles, which allows you to become a winner in a fierce competition.  


Tengo Tabatadze
Project author, online radio CSM




As early as in 1700 there was a device, which through wires could transmit information from one place to another. A bit later Morse telegraph made a breakthrough in the field of communication; in the early 20th century such devices became more sophisticated and user-friendly. Radio was a device that played a significant role during the World War I. Today everything has become pretty simple. In the digital era anybody can make a radio of his or her own and deliver his/her message to the target audience if they have such a desire.


Now, how our radio began. We put desks next to one another, in an auditorium on the 5th floor of the Caucasus University; then we put some necessary equipment and started recording a program. It was an attempt to add a practical component to the knowledge we had accumulated so far. Thus, we created a few interesting programs, which, as it turned out later, attracted many listeners.


In the beginning we had no more than two programs: Mogzauri (about major cities of the world) and Sociograma (about significant social developments in the country). Before long another program was added (about Georgian authors and recent translations), later one more program “Filmography” (on movies) was added, then they were joined by “Unison” (on young musicians and bands) and “Culturuli Rubrika” (on cultural developments taking place in the country).


After a year the desks and chairs were replaced by a modern studio provided by the University. Financial and technical support was given by “Open Society Georgia” and Czech organization “SourcePubric”. New equipment significantly enhanced the quality of our programs; more importantly, the number of our listened increased. We could not have dreamed of more!


As I mentioned above that anybody having a desire to have a radio of his/her own has a chance of having one. That’s really true! Any volunteer can register and upload their contents on the airtime on which our radio broadcasts. We knew it would be easy to appear on the market but staying there would be pretty tough. We also knew the modern radio is not only voice; first of all it is a script, voice, visual and appropriate application of online platforms and social networks. Therefore, we put significant time and effort in developing our radio!


This year CSM Radio has its second birthday. On one of media conferences the head of the bureau of Radio “Tavisufleba” said they had “little” experience, which means we have “the least”. We congratulate on our radio’s birthday to each and every member of our team and our listeners. We hope before long the radio will become a part of the University culture. Every single morning it will greet CU students the same way Robin Williams greeted the Vietnamese. 

Nata Gelashvili
Broadcasting Company Rustavi 2, news reporter



Nobody in my surroundings knew I was going to enroll in the Caucasus University. It was me who knew what I wanted; I was looking for a place where they would give me a direction to my destination.


I am one of few lucky ones in this respect. I felt I loved my future profession from the very first class. Being a CSM student means you constantly interact with the people who have already gone the way which lies ahead of you; these people come and teach you how to be courageous and love your job so much that never to feel tired of living with your profession for the rest of your life.


 I was a freshman when I started looking for a job. Soon I was offered my first job – writing for a child magazine. I worked for the magazine for only a few months and then realized my true aim was becoming a TV reporter and working in a newsroom. I craved for the microphone and working in a force majeure, the desire was not suppressed by the pleasure of seeing my name under an article in the magazine.


When I came to Rustavi 2, I told the producer I wanted tough tasks, I wanted to cover political topics. Apart from me there were eight very nice new girls, however, after four months only two of us stayed.


Now I race round the city with a microphone of Rustavi 2 all day and night; I am sure the happiest period of my life has started. Sleepless nights and overloaded schedule have become my reality. I am working for certain values; great is the contribution of Caucasus School of Media, the school which does all its best not to be boring for students and to give them fundamental values. CSM teaches us how to enjoy learning; CSM always considers our desires and interests.


There are a lot of things I have to learn. I have just opened a door to Journalism; however, I am pretty sure CSM will equip me with all the skills needed to excel in my field.



Ani Arveladze
TV Imedi Reporter




I found myself in TV Imedi at the recommendation of CSM. I was startled to hear five CSM students were sent to TV Imedi as interns. I was a sophomore at that time. At first I thought I couldn’t handle making news as I did not know how but before long I found out I had been wrong. What had happened to me was being sent from CSM small newsroom to a bigger one. When I joined the TV, I was already pretty familiar with writing short texts and making footage. Now I realize this is a big advantage for a journalist.


It was pretty tough to learn and work simultaneously. However, it turned out that what I studied at CSM was compatible with what I did at Imedi. It was putting theory in practice. Sometimes I had to make TV news on the topic I had been working in the classroom setting; it was killing two birds with one stone. Now I can’t imagine living without the two.


I clearly remember my first year in the old building of the University. CSM students had all our classes on one floor. We were as one big family, we all knew one another. Now I am a senior student, I can’t figure out how the time passed so quickly. I experienced here a lot, good and bad; however, I have never regretted I am a CSM student.


Now a few words about our instructors, who are highly qualified and experienced professionals. Today many of them are my close friends and sometimes even respondents.


When I am asked how I found myself in TV, they are amazed at my answer. Everybody asks where I study. At that moment I start speaking endlessly about CSM. I believe our school is the best Media School, which nurtures great journalists. CSM students are far ahead of the students of other Media Schools. If you love the job, CSM is best choice.


Nino Kobaladze
Adjara TV, reporter



Now I believe dreams come true! My greatest dream came true at CSM! CSM is an absolutely different, magnificent world, it’s another dimension, difficult but the one with which one can cope, it’s interesting and amazing! I decided to tackle the difficulties which bring me closer to my aim every day.


What else can a freshman wish but acquiring a practical knowledge?! It was my first dream comes true – I had an internship at information department of Adjara TV. I overcame a number of barriers with the help and assistance of Media School. Being a CSM student inspired me and boosted my self-esteem.


Here I got to know peculiarities of work of the creative team and became a host of Program “Stena.”. I will never forget how my knees were trembling when recording the first “stand-up”, the first interviews with famous actors, directors and playwrights will stay with me for the rest of my life.


Tamar Demetrashvili
Nikora Trade, Project Management Office




When leaving school it did not take me long to decide which University to enroll in. I had heard a lot about Caucasus School of Media; it did not take me long to make the decision; I decided to spend the best years of my life at CSM.


I learned a lot in the field of Communication – Journalism, PR, Marketing and gained experience but I believe the most important are the people with whom I have had an opportunity to meet. These are students and best teachers who create an atmosphere where you are happy every day. Being with them is an experience in your life.


During your first two years, when you have not fully figured out what you want to do in future, you learn a lot of courses,  which gives you a chance to opt for something you really love.


In my junior year I wanted to start working. One day I got a call from an instructor of ours, Giorgi Datukishvili, who taught us IT in our first year. He offered me a job and today I work at Nikora Trade.


Here I have gained wide experience; I believe I will learn even more. I think I have been lucky and I will benefit from working at Nikora, which is one of the steadiest of all the Georgian companies.


One of the greatest merits of CU is that studying and working on your personal development is highly valued here. Remember, if you do your best here you will be lucky and successful. I can assure you that the promise by CU “your instructor is your future employer” is not a mere myth. Now I am graduating from the University with a two-year working experience. 

Keti Kapanadze

Keti Kapanadze
Public Broadcaster, Producer




In September 2015, I participated in the audition for Program “bookshelf”. I was dismissed as a host of the program but was offered a job as an assistant producer; I readily accepted it. Sure, I preferred this position.


Today Bookshelf is already on the air; I am told I will be appointed an executive producer from the second season. Big is the role of the Caucasus School of Media in my success – I managed to work on footage when I was under pressure, I coped with writing a script, handled managing Facebook page and use different multimedia platforms. I knew the principle of calculating TV ratings, fundamentals of media management, I kept double-checking facts, never started writing a story from background, it was not the first time I had seen a camera. This means much.

CSM helped me develop very important skills, which are useful not only for a journalist but for people of all professions. Above all, the University helped me to meet right people, most of whom I invite as guests of my program - Bookshelf.


In addition, Sopo Gogishvili (CSM senior year student) and I are currently working on our project on “Radio Shokoladi”; the project has already been written and pilot programs recorded. What is left – is raising funds and the program “I am” will soon be on the air.

Irinka Kurtanidze

Irine Kurtanidze

Mass communication and Political PR

Caucasus University, Graduate, 2014


I started studying at Caucasus University 10 years ago. Back then, I couldn’t even dream of my dreams becoming a reality ten years later. Today I’m a lecturer at Caucasus University and I share my experiences and knowledge with the future generations. My goal is to help students succeed as much as my lecturers had helped me.


Thanks to Caucasus University, when I was still a student, I underwent an internship not only in Georgia but also abroad. By the time I graduated, I already had 1 jobs on my CV, including organizations such as the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Radio Liberty, The Administration, USAID, and others.


After graduating, I worked in many interesting places and I think I succeeded. Two years ago, I became a Chevening Scholarship bearer and received my Master's degree with honors from Royal Holloway University in London.


Before graduating, I never thought about lecturing. Today, my goal is to defend my doctorate and become an associate professor at Caucasus University. Of course, there is no single reason behind this, but a few of my lecturers have really played a big role in this. They taught me to think freely and to think beyond the limits, without the knowledge, experience, recommendations, help and support I received from them, I would not have been able to achieve any of my successes. I think that’s the biggest reason why I came back to the academic field.

giorgi diasamidzeGiorgi Diasamidze
Junior at CSM


Learn well and remember that each and every professor at the University is your potential employer – these were words by which the dean of Caucasus School of Media addressed us, the freshmen.


I have many recollections of Caucasus University.


Even in our third year we managed to publish a very good magazine, however, this is the past of which I already feel proud. I hope many more interesting events are yet to come.During the three years our professors were highly qualified professionals … I even do not know which of them to name.My professors have been “blaming” me for being hard-working.Of all the courses taken I enjoy practical ones.


When we were freshmen, my fellow students and I created a blog on which I posted my works. I have been writing articles for a sports publication.


Before commencement of my third year, a professor of ours, instructor in Internet Media, Ms. Nestan Tsetskhladze offered me a job – writing for one of the best sites. I think currently I am making my first steps in my future career. Being an intern in Netgazeti is a challenge for me which significantly contributes to my professional growth.


Nestan’s offer reminded me of Nin Zhizhilashvili’s words about our professors being our future employers.

sofo gogishviliSopo Gogishvili


Being a student at CSM is really very different from being a student elsewhere. CSM students do not merely learn at CSM but spend most of their time in CSM newsroom.


We carry cameras and tripods, walk, shoot, record, edit, meet people, familiarize with problems, and look for topics …


CSM enabled me to have an internship in a magazine and online publication of Liberali, which gave me an opportunity to experience firsthand all the challenges and difficulties facing real journalists. Currently I am still working with Liberali.

ani turabelidzeAna Turabelidze
Public Broadcaster



It was exactly four years ago when I first stepped into the world of the Caucasus School of Media and got convinced I had made a right choice. 


Being a CSM student is a great mission. In a friendly and competitive world you are constantly looking for new developments. Here the best teachers share their professional experience and general knowledge with us.


I have been advocating and protecting CSM student’s status from the very first year. First I had internship with Liberali, later a lecturer of ours found employment for us at “Young Psychologists Association”. Now I am a journalist at the program “Farewell to Arms” at the Public Broadcaster. The foundation of my success is the knowledge obtained at CSM.


Being at CSM is one big adventure, full of obstacles and minutes of joy and happiness when overcoming these obstacles. I am proud to be a part of its history.

meri kajaia

Meriko Kajaia
Advertising Company Betterfly




Now I know for sure love comes in your senior year. In less than a month I will be graduating from the Caucasus School of Media. Now I am trying to enjoy each and every class to the maximum possible degree. This is, if not the best period of my life, at least one of the best.


“You are elite of our country whether you want it or not. Here you get high quality European education which is not accessible for everyone today,” – these are the words with which one of our professors addressed us. Maybe the words sound too ambitious and slightly irritating but this is the reality, which you feel day in day out; anytime when you have your job interview, start work and meet peers and colleagues.

I was a first year student when I looked at my sister’s (CU graduate) CV with envy and dreamed of the day when I would have a CV like that. At that point I was told my time would also come.  


I started gaining my working experience from my second year. Our lecturer Zurab Bigvava found employment for a few of us in “the Association of Young Psychologists.” Then I worked as an intern at Rustavi 2. Recommended by our dean Nino Zhizhilashvili I had an interview at the company and was offered a job. Then I experienced what it means to be a president when I was elected the president of Student Conversation Club set up by our American instructor Walter Gaddis. Then I started working on Public Broadcaster’s program “Farewell to the Arms.” Currently I am working at Advertising Company Betterfly.


I am proud of being a CSM student. CU is a really strong team, which has given me appropriate knowledge and a chance of putting the knowledge into practice.

lika chkhartishviliLika Chkhartishvili
Radio “Shokoladi”


My working experience is pretty rich for a senior student. I started working upon leaving school and have had different types of jobs, including being a waitress.


While studying at CSM, I obtained very useful working experience. As a junior student I had internship at School of Radio Tavisupleba. That very year at the recommendation of Radio Tavisupleba, I signed a three-month contract with Fair Elections. At the interview I was equipped with knowledge gained at Caucasus University.


During my senior year at the suggestion of CU, I started a short-term internship with NX. Before long a professor of ours, on seeing my determination, recommended me for a post of assistant manager in Marketing at a Financial Institution where I started my first full-time employment.


In the second semester of my senior year I was equipped with enough knowledge to start my dream job. From March 2015, I started working for Radio Shokoladi.


My advice is to keep trying jobs of various kinds, gain experience of working with people of all kinds and learn how to handle different situations and meet new challenges.


Internship – is really vital. CSM assigns special credits for taking the internship. Believe me this is very significant as it can determine your future employment.

natia sosiashvili

Natia Sosiashvili
Radio Commersant



Since I became a CSM student, I have been looking for new opportunities and challenges. I have had professors who motivated me even more, thus making me more competitive.


I started internship from the very first year. I worked at a magazine, radio station, at the PR Department of the National Bank of Georgia, in Maestro, etc.


In each organization they asked me where I studied and after hearing my answer, they paid more attention to me and my knowledge.


CSM gave me a competitive edge – I was deemed the best of all the candidates. I’m graduating from University this year; however, I am already working as a site editor.


I’d like to thank CSM for the knowledge and experience it gave me in journalism.

Lekso Chotorlishvili
Head of the Public Relations Department of the Youth Government



Caucasus School of Media is a place where students gain the knowledge which they cannot get anywhere else. At CSM you are a journalist, an operator and a fitter. Here you are not only taught theory, a significant part of courses is practical which is very interesting and beneficial.


Our lecturers are employed in different types of media, which means they are practitioners who share their knowledge and experience with us. The 21st century requires more practical knowledge than theoretical. One might know theory well but be unable to put it into practice.


Our lecturers are our potential employers. I had an internship in Media Holding Georgian Times in my freshmen year, which convinced me CSM is the best school of its kind as here you are taught in your first year those things which are taught at other schools of Journalism on the senior year or never at all.


I have been working with the Youth Government as the Head of Public Relations Department and I am very grateful we studied PR at CSM in our third year.  

KetoKeto Sabanadze
Event Planning and Marketing Manager


Being a student is a wonderful period in anyone’s life. I am more than happy that I spent those years at CSM. We are first graduate students of CSM which implies having even more responsibility.


The four years spent there were truly interesting and amazing, however, they involved working lot and hard. As a sophomore student I became winner of the competition and left for Amsterdam to take one month certificate courses: “Popular Culture and City.” European culture, environment and attitude had a big impact on my future plans and goals.While being a student, I took internship with Liberali and Public Broadcaster.


After graduating from University I started my career in earnest. I organized a few concerts of foreign musicians and musical festivals. The knowledge, experience and people I met while studying at CSM allowed me to organize each of the events well.


After ceasing work in the entertainment industry, I started another job at the third largest producer companies – Perdue – as a Marketing Manager in Georgia and Central Asian Region.


CSM is unique as it allows its students to fully realize their potential. It enables you to choose the field you are most interested in and better you skills in this or that field.

tamta gazashviliTamta Gazashvili
Newsreader, Reportiori


I was still a student at CSM when I began working as a news reader. It is a merit of my University that I was entrusted with such responsibility at the age of 21. I worked as a newsreader and a reporter for two years.


With the help of CSM, I started internship as early as my second year first at Imedi TV and later at Mze. Recommended by CSM Dean, I was given my first full-time job as a journalist in my fourth year (initially at Metskhre Arkhi, later at Maestro TV).


Most significant in my career was program Politmetri. I started working at Maestro in the most interesting period in 2012, when elections were drawing near. The political climate was so tense that at one point my cameraman and I were thrown stones at. My University allowed me to find myself in the most interesting and respected environment at that time; I worked along with the most objective journalists with highest qualifications.  

tako qvelidzeTako Kvelidze
PR Manager


A year has not passed yet since I graduated from CSM which gave us theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


I began internship from the very first year – started working at Public Broadcaster, later I found myself at Radio Utsnobi. I got to know every nitty-gritty of working at TV and Radio stations. At the radio station the News producer took me into the studio and told me I was going to have my first live talk. Before long I became a newsreader, which was not only a great experience for a sophomore student but also a big challenge and responsibility. I will never forget the feeling when I found myself among experienced and successful journalists.


Later I was taken to ArtArea, on the first channel, by our Dean, Nino Zhizhilashvili. This is the period of the sweetest memories. We worked on a program to cover all the cultural news of the week. I worked with a team of outstanding professionals for more than a year. Currently I work in Public relations; as a PR Manager of the Mozard Makurebelta Teatri.


I won’t exaggerate if I say that the path my friends and I took by entering CSM has been amazing, interesting, full of opportunities and challenges.


The four years spent at CSM gave me a chance to meet new and interesting people, equipped me with knowledge, self-esteem and future prospects.

beqa adamashvili

Beka Adamashvili
TV/Radio Maestro



I would hate having a job where you need to think what to do with yourself and how to kill time. I work as a scriptwriter in “Everyday Pills by Vasiko Odishvili”. I work three hours a day there and spend all the rest of my time as a freelancer so as to be able to write. I love writing. I love Caucasus School of Media too as the school gave me a chance “to refine my writing skills”, “expand my perspectives “and” find my place in a fiercely competitive market.” Sure, I do know such phrases but I’d still prefer to express myself in another way. I had my first job when I was a sophomore student. At some points in my life I had more than one job at one time. All my jobs implied writing and a lot of it. Being able to write properly is a result of having a good experience. Therefore, I love CSM which has proved to be a good school in the proper meaning of the word.

salome modebadze

Salome Modebadze
Journalist, Producer



Having a CSM diploma is a success in itself; however, I should admit it is not an easy goal to achieve. I do remember many sleepless nights. But when you start working at your dream job after graduating from University, you realize it was worth it.


I started working at Maestro TV upon graduating from University. First I started working as a producer at Program Politmetri, later I changed my position and started working as a news reporter. I had never worked at a TV company before but everything I had to do seemed pretty familiar to me. It is the merit of CSM. 


Not many years have passed since I graduated but I do know that all the success I have achieved in my short career, even the slightest, is CSM’s merit. I am proud of being a CSM graduate.


Salome Goginashvili
Chief specialist at the Mass Media and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia




I believe the first step to my success was my right choice of the University. Broadly speaking, enrolling in CSM is a success in itself. The people here are always willing to help students in opting for the right path.  


I was a sophomore when started my internship at Rustavi 2. Being a reporter was not a tough job for me because at CSM you learn more than is written in the books and are given a chance to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. After Rustavi 2, I had experience of working in radio and print media. Nowadays I am a chief specialist at the PR Department of the Ministry of Health of Georgia.


I believe I have been very lucky to have graduated from CSM where I got a high quality education; during the four years I had to interact with the best professionals.


In conclusion I would address to all the students of Caucasus School of Media – take advantage of being a student here; the school will help you to think independently and creatively. Today I can say I have spent my student years in an environment which helped me become a successful person.

nanuka kajaiaNanuka Kajaia
Reporter, Imedi TV


Being a CSM graduate is a tremendous responsibility which I always feel. This is the status that gives you more self-esteem and confidence which is essential when starting your professional career. My first job and my first salary are both associated with CSM. As sophomores we produced the first program for GMG TV and got our first royalty.


I had a very active student life working on various projects. At the end of my senior year at the recommendation of our dean, Nino Zhizhilashvilii I started working at Imedi. Everybody starts from internship, I was no exception either. Internship lasted for three months only and before long I became a full-time staff member.


Nowadays as a journalist I often meet my ex-professors, who are more often than not are my respondents.I am more than happy and proud that I am a CSM graduate. There are not many of us yet, but we are almost everywhere.


Graduating from CSM is a stepping stone to a successful career.


My dear young friends do not miss a chance of becoming a CSM student. 

gvantsa papavdzeGvantsa Papavadze
Press-Speaker of  Mayor of Tbilisi

Nothing is accidental in life; my decision of enrolling at Caucasus University was not accidental either. Enrolling in CU was a part of my career plan, which I had drawn up at the age of 16. The four years of hard work led to a logical success. Today I am the press-speaker of the Mayor of Tbilisi.


The knowledge gained at Caucasus University enabled me to become an intern journalist at a leading TV company as early as in my third year. On my senior year I was preparing reporting and live programs on the 9th Channel and Maestro TV. I always felt I was a step ahead of my peers, which was CSM’s merit and the merit of practical knowledge gained there. At CSM we acquired all the practical skills a journalist needs.  


During the four years we learned PR technologies, special emphasis was put on learning foreign languages. Courses delivered in the English language and our native speaker professors helped us learn the language better. We learned basics of French and German languages for two years. I want to thank Caucasus University for the experience it allows us to gain during our student years.

anuki kankia

Anuki Kankia
Ministry of Culture, Media Communication Department



I enrolled in CSM in my sophomore year. New people and new environment are generally stressful but not at CSM. At CSM the major factor determining your success is not your status but your skills and knowledge.


The atmosphere is very friendly indeed; professors are always eager to help and assist you in every possible way.


The main advantage of CSM is the fact it does not set strict limits to your choice of courses. In addition to journalism you can learn Public Relations and photography, which gives you an additional competitive edge in modern fiercely competitive labor market.


The knowledge gained at CSM allowed me to start work at Maestro even when I was still a student.  I worked as a reporter at Maestro TV for six years.


Nowadays I work at the Ministry of Culture of Georgia, Media Communications Department. I believe Caucasus University gave me the knowledge which I use in my everyday career.

levan zhorzholiani

Levan Zhorzholiani
Ministry of Culture, Mass Communication Department




When taking the Unified National Examinations, I opted for Media and Mass Communication without much deliberation.  At that time I thought being a journalist meant being seen on TV screen, being surrounded by influential people and talking to respondents. I believed a journalist was a “messiah” who leads people, exposes the truth, reveals crime and helps his people find the general truth.

In this respect CSM dispelled my illusions as our instructors described the profession in an absolutely different light. I was a good student and it did not take me long to realize that a journalist is not a Themis to hold a sword and organize communal affairs.


I started working from my first year. First I worked as a reporter, then as a freelance at different programs but after graduating from University, I appeared on TV screen and worked as a host of a morning program on Maestro TV.


Currently I am working at the Ministry of Culture, at the Department of Mass Communication as a chief specialist. My responsibilities include media monitoring and preparing texts for public speeches.


I would not exaggerate by saying that the knowledge and experience gained at CU was a foundation stone for my career.

sofo maisuradze

Sopo Maisuradze
Fouder of www.buzzmedia.ge


When being asked – Which University do you go to? I have been proudly answering – Caucasus School of Media – for four years now. I remember when I started studying here nobody had heard about CSM. But gradually the situation changed … Many international organizations, public agencies and media offered us internships. Among them was an offer from Radio “Utsnobi”; I got interested in the offer and started working there as an intern from my second year. My internship turned into a full-time job and I should admit a pretty successful one. The knowledge at my hand and experience gained were foundation for my professional growth.


I did not find it difficult to allocate time between my work and study, which was a merit of CSM dean and our professors. Soon we were equipped with cameras and given a separate room where we were able to work on journalistic materials.

mariam kanchaveli

Mariam Kanchaveli



I was a first year student when I was taken for internship in the Program P.S. at Rustavi 2. I will never forget the surprised faces of older and more experienced journalists whom I told I would go to make a report on my own.  They found it amazing they did not need to explain to me ABC of journalism as I had already learned it from my professors. When I sampled working on TV, I understood I had chosen the right profession for myself.


Later, Public Broadcaster announced a contest for young journalists. Out of 3000 candidates I was picked up with other 24 young people. Finally six of us turned out the winners.


Caucasus University gave us all the support with not only SMSs and PR but also with ideas of various kinds and advice. My team did not win the final round but I was hired as a journalist on Public Broadcaster to work on a Georgian version of BBC project Speaker.


Later I found myself in absolutely different environment. It was a reality show, which gives a wonderful opportunity to make your respondents reveal about themselves quite a lot. The reality show Top Girl dealt with fashion models and their controversial lives. However, I never forgot the journalistic ethics we had been taught at CSM. 

I always dreamed of starting working in a sphere without which you will never become a real journalist. Before long I became a member of Maestro News Program team. At that time the head of the team was Nino Zhizhilashvili. Every evening after the program was over, I realized CSM had given me not just knowledge and experience but also confidence in my abilities – that I was able to create something important and valuable.