CyberEdu Certification Exam

19 September 2023

The third session of the CyberEdu international certificate exam was held at Caucasus University. The exam was administered to students of the Caucasus University and New Jersey City University double degree bachelor's program in cyber security.


The exam consists of two stages: students must prove their competence in both the theoretical and practical parts on the CyberEdu educational platform. A certification exam was underway in Ethical Hacking - Web Penetration Testing.


The examination process was led by the Caucasus Cyber Security Center.


Caucasus University and the Scientific Cyber Security Association - SCSA are the exclusive representatives of BIT SENTINEL in the region for the second year.


Within the framework of cooperation, subjects of ethical hacking were introduced in the Caucasus School of Technology and in the Association. Also, from time to time, the Caucasus Cyber Security Center together with SCSA offers hackathons, Olympiads and conferences to interested persons in different age categories.