The annual roundtable of the project DataSecSchool was held at Caucasus University

15 August 2023

The participants of DataSecSchool, business representatives, representatives of academia and public sector representatives converged at Caucasus University on August 15, 2023, for the Annual Roundtable. This event, a significant part of the Jean Monnet Module Project, aimed to foster insightful discussions surrounding European Union (EU) data protection practices.


The event provided a platform for attendees to delve into the realms of data protection, sharing ideas and experiences that contribute to the ongoing evolution of this critical field. With a focus on both theoretical understanding and real-world implementation, the agenda covered three primary themes:


  1. Discussion of EU Best Practices
  2. Identifying Ways to Implement Best Practices
  3. Data Protection Cases in Business and Public Sector in Georgia


The event was characterized by its collaborative atmosphere, as participants actively contributed their insights and perspectives, enriching the discussions. Notably, the Annual Roundtable for DataSecSchool participants highlighted the dedication of professionals and scholars to advancing their knowledge in the domain of data security.