Master's Degree Program "Occupational Safety Management" gives you a unique opportunity to be employed and promoted to a managerial position in the field of occupational safety.


Why our master's program?

Modern Program: The program graduate will be a high level specialist in occupational safety management meeting the modern requirements, with deep knowledge of occupational safety issues, good analytical problem solving skills and skills to analyze business environment. The program envisages both national regulations and internationally recognized standards. The program graduates are awarded the status of an accredited occupational safety specialist.


Combination of technical and managerial knowledge and skills: The program focuses on the development of technical knowledge and skills, but the program also provides a thorough knowledge of the principles of business operation. Today, organizations need people with an extensive and complex knowledge. The demand is especially high for specialists with a combined knowledge in management and occupational safety.


Flexible structure: Each course is taught once a week, in the evening hours, allowing employed people to attend lectures after working hours. Students can choose at least three courses per semester.