Georgian Dialects of Tao-Klarjeti

Iconic word-sayings of Georgian dialects of Tao-Klarjeti


The goal of the project is to collect phraseology in endangered Georgian dialects of Tao-Kaljeti (Taouri, Imerkheuli (Shavshuri), Livanuri, Machakhluri) and their research, based on already existing texts. The material processed within the framework of the project will be published in the form of a monograph, where the first part will be devoted to the research component, and the second part will present a phraseological dictionary (which will present all the phraseology in the mentioned dialects, performed using modern research methodology). In addition to the monograph, it should be noted that during the research some issues will be published in the form of an article (in an international refereed journal) and some issues will be discussed at an international scientific conference, which is directly related to research in the region in various directions.


The head of the project is Khatia Jangavadze, the research is financed within the framework of the internal university funding competition of Caucasus University.