Student life


Caucasus University has a lively and active student life, directed and managed by the students’ self-governance in cooperation with the university administration. CU considers community life as one of the cornerstones of the education it provides. In addition, student clubs play a vital role in creating the social, cultural and intellectual environment of the university. It is run by students for students with the support of Caucasus University. Clubs help to sharpen students’ leadership skills and enables them to explore and pursue new interests.






The university is not only an educational institution. Here, each student gains life experience as well as knowledge. At Caucasus University students make professional and private connections.  As students’ involvement is a very important element in the University life Caucasus University has established several traditional activities in order toboost students’ well-being and morale:



CU Welcome – campus BBQ


Halloween Costume Celebration/Fall Festival


Christmas/New Year Market




CU on Xmas 2020