Georgian Language Days - Public Lectures

18 March 2021

Various events will be organized by Caucasus University from March 30 to April 14 within the framework of Georgian Language Days.


The final event will be held on April 14 in the conference hall of Caucasus University on the Georgian Language Day.


Schedule of public lectures:


  1. Levan Berdzenishvili (Caucasus University) - Philosophy of Language, March 31, 14:00; Moderator - Mariam Manjgaladze (online lecture)
  2. Marine Beridze (State Language Department) - Georgian Language Dialects (Linguistic Portrait), April 5, 14:00; Moderator - Mariam Manjgaladze (CU Conference Hall)
  3. Mariam Manjgaladze (Caucasus University) - Language as Historical-Cultural Heritage and Basis of State - April 8, 13:00, Moderator - Nino Popiashvili (CU Conference Hall)
  4. Dato Turashvili - Writer and The Language - April 12; 14:00. Moderator- Mariam Manjgaladze (CU Conference Hall)
  5. Student discussion on the topic: "Language Metamorphosis" - April 6, 14:00; Moderator-Levan Kakliani (CU Conference Hall)


Supporters of the event are:


  • State Language Department
  • National Parliamentary Library of Georgia
  • Embassy of Georgia in Lithuania
  • Group of Georgian Friends of the Parliament of Lithuania


To attend, register at the provided link.