Competition Architecton - for entrants

3 April 2021

We would like to announce a joint competition of Caucasus University and Lisi Development for future architects on the topic - "Green Spaces in a New Reality”.


The contest participants are responsible for developing solutions for the existing green spaces in the vicinity of Lake Lisi, transforming them and presenting ideas for adapting to the new reality. Participants can present their idea in the form of a sketch, model, diagram or tablet. The teams will be mentored by 4th year students of the Caucasus University Bachelor of Architecture program, who will give them advice and recommendations. You will find all the necessary materials at Caucasus University.


The works will be evaluated by a specially invited jury for performance, conceptualization and presentation skills.


Only teams of XII grade students can participate in the competition. The team should consist of no more than 3 students. Several teams from one school are allowed to participate. It is also permissible to create a team with students from different schools. Those who participate alone will have the opportunity to create a team on the spot.


The winners of the competition will be awarded Caucasus University study vouchers:


  • The first place team will be awarded a study voucher of 9,000 GEL
  • The second place team will be awarded a study voucher of 6,000 GEL
  • The third place team will be awarded a study voucher of 3,000 GEL


The study voucher prize will be evenly distributed to the winners. It will be distributed for 4 years and will finance the tuition fee for a bachelor's degree at Caucasus University. Vouchers can be used by students enrolled in Caucasus University in 2021 or 2022.


The project partner, Lisi Development, will set prizes for participants.


Competition schedule:


  • April 10 - 12: 00-13: 00 - Topic presentation, 13: 00-17: 00 - Working on the project
  • April 11 - 12:00 - 16:00 - Work on the project
  • April 17 - 14:00 - Presentation of works, award ceremony


Those wishing to participate in the competition must register online by April 9th.