International School "Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence"

23 October 2023

The International School "Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence" has started selecting participants in the seasonal school project.


Seasonal school lecturers will be both local and international specialists - professors from Spain, France, Lithuania, the United States of America, Romania, Ukraine. The project is implemented at Caucasus University, with the financial support of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia, Eastern European University and East-West University.


Within the framework of the school, students will study cyber security, artificial intelligence and its use in cyber security.


Students of bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees will be accepted as trainees. Knowledge of the English language is necessary.


Participation in the seasonal school is free.


Applicants can fill out the appropriate registration form (in English). Those wishing to participate in the project, pay attention to the motivation letter field, where you should write a maximum of 150 words on why you want to join the project and why you should be chosen.


We will contact the selected candidates no later than October 20.

Seasonal school classes will be held at Caucasus University from October 23 to November 7.


Register in the seasonal school at the link.