Workshop for entrants - what is the profession of a sociologist and how to conduct research

15 February 2023

A workshop for applicants interested in sociology entitled "What is the profession of a sociologist and how to conduct research" will be held in the Caucasus University auditorium C9 on February 15 at 15:30.


The workshop will be conducted by the head of the Sociology Program of Caucasus University, professor - Flora (Keso) Esebua.


Entrants will get to know the issues covered by the workshop, and will have the opportunity to work in groups on various tasks, ask questions and discuss important issues of interest to them with the trainer.

Workshop schedule:


Working in a group on the topic: How do people choose a profession in Georgia? - Within the framework of this task, the participants will discuss how they choose their profession in general in the country.


Focused discussion: How do we choose a profession? - The discussion will specifically concern their choice of profession.


Work in a group: considering the results of the first group work and discussion, as well as the information received about social research and sociology, the participants in groups discuss the main criteria, that are considered when selecting a profession. As a result of the work, the participants highlight the main findings (eg: differences in judging their own and others' choices, discovering the importance of the urban/rural divide, gender or other factors, etc.).


Those who want to participate, register at the link  


Registration of participants will start at 15:00 on the day of the competition.