Mobility rules and procedures


1. What stages and in what sequence should the student go through for mobility? 


  1. Go through the registration mobility email portal
  2. Make an e-application for mobility: make a choice (HEI, program) and sort it into priorities
  3. Pay the mobility fee (40 GEL) to Bank of Georgia
  4. Get acquainted with the results of mobility on the e-portal in the personal registration window
  5. In case of a positive answer, immediately apply in writing to the receiving higher education institution and submit copies of personal files.
  6. Get acquainted with the number of credits recognized by the recipient HEI and confirm the approval/refusal in a written statement


2.  When to register on the portal and apply for mobility?


Within the timeframe specified by the order of the Director of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (see mobility e-portal


3. Who has the right to register as a user on the portal?


A person who is reflected in the register of an educational institution and has obtained the status of a student in accordance with the rules established by law has the right to register as a user on the portal.


By the time of mobility, the student must have completed two active semesters at their higher education institution. The student registers as a user on the mobility electronic portal through an eleven-digit id number.


  1. Does a student who has suspended or terminated their student status have the right to mobility?


A student whose student status has been terminated has the right to mobility for 12 months after termination of status.


  • A student whose student status has been suspended is entitled to exercise the right to mobility for 5 years after the suspension of the status.
  • Until February 4, 2010, all expelled students will be considered to have a suspended student status and are entitled to exercise the right to mobility.


- within 10 years from the date of the expulsion order

- 10 years after termination of study in the recognized regime


  1. How does the competition function on the portal?


The competition for the announced vacancies is held on the electronic portal, taking into account the priorities set by the student and the competition score.

If a student with two or more equal competition points reaches the last level of the competition, each of them will gain the right to mobility on the portal.

Students who do not have a competitive score in the register (students enrolled by law without the Unified National Exams, Master's, Doctoral students) will be eligible to move to the portal without competition.


  1. Does a higher education institution have the right to impose additional requirements on mobility?


The higher education institution is authorized to set additional requirements for enrollment of students in mobility (exams, creative tours, interviews, etc.) and/or to restrict admission to a specific educational program with a specific condition (year of study, number of credits, etc.). The existence of additional requirements is reflected in the e-portal in the notes column of the relevant educational program.


  1. How is a student enrolled in a higher education institution based on mobility?


According to the electronic portal data, in case of obtaining the right to mobility (positive answer), the student should immediately apply in writing to the receiving higher education institution, within the timeframe set by them, and submit copies of personal files.


  1. How are credits recognized by the receiving institution?


Credits are recognized on the basis of the personal documents submitted by the student. The decision on the recognition of credits accumulated by the mobility applicant is made by the receiving higher education institution.


  1. When is a student considered to have moved to a reception institution with mobility?


 A student is considered to have been transferred by mobility from the date of issuance of the order on enrollment of this student by the recipient higher education institution.


  1. How can a student refuse to enroll in mobility?


If a student refuses to enroll on a mobility basis, he or she must submit a written application to the receiving higher education institution prior to the issuance of the mobility enrollment order.


  1. What documents must be submitted by the mobility applicant at the host university:
  2. Statement
  3. Certificate of student status;
  4. Properly certified copies of all legal acts determining student status;
  5. Student study card (mark sheet);
  6. Copy of ID card;
  7. Notarized copy of the document certifying the completion of the previous educational level (in case of mobility for the bachelor's degree - notarized copy or original of the school-leaving certificate, in case of mobility for the master's degree - notarized copy of the bachelor's degree and attachment, in case of mobility for the doctorate - notarized copy of master’s diploma and attachment.
  8. A copy of the student’s military registration certificate (or military ticket, if any);
  9. Photo (3X4) - Printed 2 pcs. And an electronic version on CD;