International conference "Student Psychological Well-being and Mental Health Issues"

6 October 2023


On October 6, 2023, I. Gogebashvili Telavi State University (Telavi, Georgia) will host an international conference of psychologists, which will be held within the framework of the European Union-funded ERASMUS+ CBHE institutional development project “Establishment of Psychological Counselling Centers at Georgian HEIs for Students (E-PSY)”.


The theme of the conference is "Student Psychological Well-being and Mental Health Issues". Its aim is to offer a platform for specialists and stakeholders in the field, where they will have the opportunity to share the results of the latest research on student psychological well-being and mental health, the working principles of psychological counseling centers and the latest and proven methods of psychological counseling with each other.


Registration for the conference has already started.


The topics of the conference are:


  1. Academic burnout and mental problems in students;
  2. The impact of anxiety on a student's academic performance and overall well-being;
  3. The contribution of emotion regulation to the psychological well-being of university students;
  4. Opportunity to improve communication skills in the university space as a form of mental health assistance;
  5. Mental health of students representing different minorities;
  6. Social (including financial) problems and mental health;
  7. Anxiety and depression in students;
  8. Perfectionism and related mental health problems;
  9. Difficulties in time allocation among students;
  10. Anxiety related to the choice of profession;
  11. Difficulties caused by the COVID-pandemic among students;
  12. Interpersonal relationship difficulties;
  13. Psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress;
  14. Students' emotional intelligence and its role in mental health;
  15. Stress and ways to cope with stress in students;
  16. Stability, resilience and students;
  17. The impact of students' personal characteristics on mental well-being;
  18. Procrastination and mental well-being in students;
  19. Self-care skills and their role in students' psychological well-being;
  20. Promoting positive thinking and mental health in students;
  21. The role of university culture on students' mental well-being;
  22. Mental health and well-being of students with disabilities and special needs;
  23. Achievement motivation and psychological well-being.


It is possible to register for the conference both as a speaker and as a listener. Participation in the conference is free.


Languages of the conference are Georgian and English.


To register for the conference, please visit the link.


The deadline for registration is: May 30, 2023.