“Chef Fair”

8 February 2023



The "Chef Fair" was held in the Elit Electronics kitchen on February 7 as the final event of the "Gastronomic Bootcamp" project.


Caucasus University, in collaboration with the Basque Culinary Center and the Gastronomic Tourism Business Association, is carrying out the project as part of its partnership with the USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program. The event is sponsored by Elit Electronics.


The "Chef Fair" was attended by the chosen 10 individuals who had previously taken part in the "Gastronomic Bootcamp." They were given the assignment ahead of time to select a dish of their choosing and make it using the methods they had learned throughout the project. It should be noted that the participants had received training in two areas: creativity and serving; contemporary trends and avant-garde techniques.


At the "Chef Fair," each participant prepared a dish to serve the chefs. Chef Luis Arrufat, a professor at the Basque Culinary Center, and Davit Narimanishvili, a board member of the Georgian Gastronomic Business Association, were among the chefs. The chefs who, at the first round of the "Gastronomic Bootcamp," were selected as the top four chefs by the professors of the Basque Culinary Center, also attended the event.


The chefs tasted the participants' food and gave appropriate recommendations to each one.


Attendees included restaurateurs and representatives of the USAID Industry-led Skills Development Program.


Since the summer of 2022, the "Gastronomic Bootcamp" project has been ongoing. It was carried out in three phases. It was attended by 32 chefs, amateurs, and gastronomy enthusiasts.