CSM Student became the winner of NCIB Contest

11 January

Company Campa was Mariam's lobbyist company and she created a strategy in the direction of developing this company in web marketing. On August 15, the awarding ceremony was held in bowling central. About 50 participants, supporters, lobbyist and sponsor companies were invited.

Talakhadze received a 5,000 GEL reward from NCIB and a laptop computer presented by online shop Freeshop.ge.

The most innovative and largest-scale competition lasted for 3 months. Number of companies and thousands of fans were involved in the project. Such a successful web-marketing competition hasn't been held in Georgia before. It became a subject of great interest.

400 contestants were registered. As for criteria, first of all participants had to choose one company and wrote a strategy on how to promote it online. The finalists who have entered the second stage were doing their best to implement successful PR campaigns online

The participant with the highest web-site ranking was pronounced as a winner. The rating of each web-site was counted by a specially developed formula.

Caucasus University congratulates Mariam on this success!