Cyber Security Conference for Students and Young Scientists

25 December 2023

On December 23, Caucasus University hosted a cybersecurity conference for students and young scientists, organized by the Caucasus Cyber Security Center and the Scientific Cyber Security Association. Out of approximately 40 registered presentations, the top 20 reports addressing challenges and security issues in cybersecurity were selected.


Both state and private sector representatives participated in the conference. At the end of the conference, one of the participants gave a presentation on their book.


The participants were evaluated by the jury:


  • Lado Svanadze - PhD in public administration, affiliated professor of BTU, member of the board of IDI
  • Igor Dolotovski - founder and general director of the INTEGRA company
  • Anzor Mekhrishvili - head of BDO company


The winners received a gift from Caucasus University and a special prize chosen by the INTEGRA company. Additionally, all conference participants were awarded certificates of participation.