Final results of the logic games league

25 December 2023

At Caucasus University on December 22, a competition for prospective students called the "League of Logical Games" took place.


The final results of the competition are as follows:


14 teams participated. The prize winners were:


  •  I – Sams Rom Otsi Daakldeba - 22 points
  • II - Mars - 21 points
  • III – D.A.D- 19 points  


The first-place team will receive an 8000 GEL training voucher.

The second-place team will be awarded a 6000 GEL training voucher.

The third-place team will receive a 4000 GEL training voucher.


The voucher will cover the tuition fees for bachelor’s studies at Caucasus University for a duration of 4 years. Eligible students can utilize these vouchers upon enrollment at Caucasus University for the 2024-2025 academic year. It's important to note that this voucher does not apply to joint three-year bachelor’s programs.