"Health Care Policy, Economics, and Sociology" has been incorporated into CROSSREF, and a DOI code has been assigned to the journal

12 January 2024

The international refereed journal "Health Care Policy, Economics, and Sociology" has become a member of the international organization CROSSREF. CROSSREF International Association facilitates global access to academic publications.


CROSSREF is a renowned international association established in 1999 in the United States, with its headquarters in Massachusetts. It brings together leading academic publications and organizations (institutes, universities, and publishing houses…). CROSSREF service is used by international scientific bases of metric data - Scopus and Web of Science. The CROSSREF citation database encompasses 80 million scientific publications.


The journal "Health Policy, Economics and Sociology" has been assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), i.e., an international digital unique code.


All issues and articles published in Health Care Policy, Economics and Sociology will also have a DOI code.


The assigned code will significantly simplify the search and use of articles published in the journal on the Internet. It is important to note that the DOI code guarantees the preservation of the article.


Assigning a DOI has a positive impact on the reputation of both the journal and the authors. It allows articles to be included in prominent scientific bibliographic catalogs worldwide through the unique identifier. Additionally, the streamlined identification of articles enhances their visibility and citation impact. This will facilitate the dissemination of significant scientific research, promote its recognition within the country and on the global stage, and contribute to the international integration of these research endeavors.


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