Hospitality management students visit hotels "Holiday Inn Express Tbilisi Avlabari" and "Hotel Museum".

23 December 2023

The first-year students of the Hospitality Management (FDU) program, under the organization of lecturer Ketevan Mikashavidze and as part of the "Introduction to Tourism" course, had the opportunity to visit the "Holiday Inn Express Tbilisi Avlabari" hotel and the "Hotel Museum."


During the tour, students familiarized themselves with the peculiarities of management and operations of international brand and local boutique hotels; got to know the daily life of hotels and the practices of using standards and their importance. They also learned about career growth prospects and opportunities in the hotel.


It should be noted that one of the hosts of the tour was the general manager of the "Museum" hotel, Meri Otarishvili, the first admission graduate of the Caucasus University Tourism School.