World GO Day

25 September 2023

A meeting dedicated to the World Oncology and Gynecology Day was held in the conference hall of Caucasus University.


The purpose of the meeting is to raise awareness about vaccination for HPV caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) in women and men.


The topic of the discussion was: HPV and related cancers - the role of young people in overcoming stigma, improving awareness and prevention. The meeting was held in an interactive mode, the invited guests also discussed various cases.




  • Mako Museridze - ESGO ENGAGe TEENs country head of Georgia; A student of CST.
  • Ekaterine Sanikidze - doctor of medicine, professor, adviser of the patient union, international expert in medical communication, advocacy and community mobilization.
  • TBD - specialist in the field.
  • TBD - representative of the APV vaccination program from DCC.