Success of CSB students

7 September 2016

In order to promote the country's rapid development, the innovative ‘Startup Georgia’ business was launched on June 17, 2016 within the framework of the 4-point Reform Plan of the Government of Georgia. The goal of launching ‘Startup Georgia’ is to provide citizens, especially young people, who have never been able to start a business due to lack of financial resources, to have a unique chance to implement their business ideas and start their own businesses.


The business idea for Startup Georgia was presented by the fourth year students of Caucasus School of Business. Out of 726 applications, their idea was included in the list of 146 high-tech business ideas, followed by 51 finalists. The finalists were trained by experts from Silicon Valley. On August 24, the students of Caucasus University successfully appeared before the venture investors and were placed on the list of final winners, ie platoon. The winning teams were announced by the Prime Minister of Georgia and they were awarded GEL 100,000 to implement the ideas.


Our team members are CSB students: Giorgi Nadareishvili (who presented the pitch to investors), Tinatin Chkutua, Nazi Mgeladze. Our idea is to advertise on cars, the company name is Edvex.


Many thanks to CU and Lasha Kvantalian (founder of Blender).