Program Structure

The Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration comprises 240 ECTS. The first year comprises 60 ECTS, second year – 62 ECTS, the third – 58 ECTS, and the fourth – 60 ECTS. The expected duration of the Program is four years. Each academic year is based on the semester principle, with each semester comprising 20 academic weeks; hence, each academic year is scheduled for 40 weeks. 1 ECTS equals 25 hours, including class hours and hours of independent work (preparation for the final and the midterm examinations and doing homework assignments). 


After expiration of the Program students with academic debt are allowed to continue learning with the view of completing the program (for no longer than 4 semesters); such students will retain the student’s status.


The program structure is broken down into general University 77 ECTS, University optional 15 ECTS (10 ECTS for those students who enrolled on the program without taking an exam in Mathematics at the Unified National Examinations), 15 ECTS free component (free credits) and 133 ECTS Mandatory credits in Business Administration.


The mandatory courses in Business Administration, in turn, are broken down in the following way:


Basic mandatory courses - 78 ECTS in Business Administration and 55 ECTS in the module of the specialty chosen (Finances, Marketing, Management, and Financial Accounting). Students are required to take the course in the chosen concentration from the sixth semester.


The program allows students to take individual courses at Caucasus University’s partner universities. Recognition of the credits earned and the courses taken shall be determined according to the legislation of Georgia and the rules and procedures adopted by the University.


For additional information, please view the Program (for admission until 2018-2019).