Program Structure

The MBA offers a general management program in a triple-accredited International Business School. The Grenoble Ecole de Management is highly applied in its content, delivered by an experienced team that brings together academic specialists with top managers and consultants from various sectors.

Grenoble's long-standing partnerships enable us to offer the program in two capital cities. The program delivered through this partnership with its core and specialization modules is identical to the Grenoble program. Grenoble lecturers travel for delivery of many of the modules to the two campuses. This scheme ensures program's absolute identity to Grenoble's one.

Participants may also arrive to Grenoble for the optional Personal Development Week that is conducted each year for the three specialization weeks; this program allows students from all four sites can network.

Three phases of the program:

Phase I:

The program is balanced, equipping participants with statistical and analytical skills, as well as communication and interpersonal skills. It gives insights into current managerial issues in geopolitics, macroeconomics and corporate governance. Students will develop their expertise in financial and HR management through regular case-study group work and individual work. Strategic analysis and negotiations/conflict resolution skills are developed during discussion of complex and real-life cases.

Personal Development Week in Grenoble:

Students from all four campuses are invited to attend this week together; they are able to network and interact in joint seminars and conferences covering key management questions. Typical topics include Conflict Resolution, Interview Techniques, Drastic Career Change, Salary Negotiations, and Effective Leadership Skills.

Phase II - Specializations:

Student chooses one desirable specialization from 3 (1. Entrepreneurship: Leadership for Change; 2. Financial Management & Advisory; 3. Transformation of Luxury in a Digital and Sustainable Age) offered ones, and completes subjects required for this specification, which is 20% of total program. Students will learn in depth their professional activities and major functioning areas of management. Choosing specialization helps most students to decide the direction of the thesis.

Phase III - Final Management Project:

Participants are free during this phase of the program and can complete their projects while working in professional capacity. The project is an opportunity allowing students to apply their skills in many ways. In most of the cases, students conduct work specific analysis as required by the organizations employing them. Some students may use the project as an effective to demonstrate their actual capabilities to a potential employer. Moreover, it is possible for students to identity venues and ideas for entrepreneurial ventures ever before or early into their academic programs.