Program Overview

About the program


MBA program is among the most popular and prestigious internationally acknowledged qualifications. It is highly appreciated by organizations working in the business sector. Caucasus School of Business offers MBA Program, which is based on Western educational values and is designed for those who have set high ambitions for career or personal advancement. The program is focused on improving business skills and knowledge. MBA program gives opportunity to clearly understand the basic aspects of the business and management world. Throughout the studies faculty link theoretical knowledge with practical application. After comletion of this program student become more competitive in today's business environment.


The main benefits of the program are:


  • Career advancement - The successful completion of the program will give you chance to advance in your career. In addition, successful completion of the program is directly linked to with high-paying positions
  • Effective synthesis of theory and practice - Master's program provides an excellent opportunity for students to harmoniously blend of theory and practice, by means of many hands-on activities and keys studies
  • Highly professional core and visiting faculty
  • Up-to-date and relevant academic program 


Program duration

CSB MBA program is flexible, part-time program the duration of which depends on the number of subjects student decides to register per semester.

If student registers on 3 to 4 subjects per semester he/she graduates in two years.

If student registers on less than 3 subjects per semester he/she graduates in three to five years.

Entry requirements


  • Undergraduate degree
  • Minimum two years of working experience
  • Positive score on Unified Postgraduate National Admission Exam
  • Positive score on CSB GMAT type internal test
  • Interview
  • Cover letter
  • Two letters of recommendation

Program language: English